If I show a picture of the desired style at a hair salon, will it come across well?


It is quite difficult to convey in words what kind of hairstyle you want at a hair salon, isn’t it? Is it possible to get the message across by showing images from a hair catalog? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.

This time I asked, “When someone asks me what kind of haircut I want at the hair salon, can I show them a picture from a hair catalog to get the point across?”

I often go to the hair salon and ask, “What do you want it to look like?” and I am unable to communicate it well in words, so I show them images of hair catalogs in magazines or on my phone. Do you think this is a problem for the hairdresser? Also, what kind of way do you find it easier to communicate with them?

Showing you the picture at the beauty parlor is a great answer!

Most respondents said that the easiest way to get the message across at the hair salon was to show images of hair catalogs in magazines or on their phones.

‘If you show us a hair catalog in a magazine or on your phone, there is no doubt about it!’ (Kanagawa Prefecture/Tsuruma HAIR SALON FI:NE)

Nothing is more gratifying to a hair stylist than to have a picture of a hairstyle. Especially if it’s the first time the customer has visited our salon. (Tokyo/Ebisu hair OrB ebisu)

“I think it’s great that they decide on a style from a hair catalog or on their phone! Sometimes it’s hard to get the message across with just words, so I think it’s easier to understand with pictures! (Osaka/Kyobashi hair & make KOKORO)

Tell us about your hair preferences and concerns, and we will share the image with you.

Many respondents said that showing images and telling them specifically about their usual hair problems and what they like about the style makes it easier for them to share their image with the hair stylist.

The hairdresser can easily understand your hair if you show her a hair catalog. However, there are cases in which the hair style differs from the picture depending on the face and hair quality, so it is easier for us to make a proposal if you tell us your concerns and particularities about your hair! (Tokyo/Musashisakai Reverie Musashisakai ( ZENKO group ))

It is most helpful to show me styles from hair catalogs. Words can only convey the general nuance of the style. It is also helpful if you can tell me whether you like the style as it is, what you like about the style, and what you think will happen with your hair. (Orange Pop Nishi-Kasai, Nishi-Kasai, Tokyo)

“I think clippings from smartphones or magazines are OK. What exactly do you like about the style? (lightness, weight, lightness of the hair ends, atmosphere, etc.) It would be good if you can tell the stylist what you like about the style in detail. (Kanagawa/Nakamachidai Hair & Spa kaiwa)

“For easier communication, I would appreciate it if you could tell me what you want to have left around your face, or how much you want your hair to be, for example, heavier or lighter. (Tokyo/Ikebukuro ROULAND)

Some styles cannot be done depending on the hair type. It is important to be open to suggestions from your hairdresser.

Some respondents said that it is important to have a style that is close to their image, according to their hair quality and contours.

If you can give us some idea from magazines or hair catalogs, it will be easier for us to confirm the customer’s current condition and desires. However, I want to do it this way! It’s not always easy when they want it exactly the way they want it. (Kanagawa Prefecture/Shin-Maruko moon)

“In some cases, there are styles that can’t be done because of the quality of my hair, but if they show me images, I know what kind of atmosphere they like, so it’s easier to suggest styles that are similar to the style that was presented to me and that can be done with this type of hair. (Kanagawa Prefecture/Kamakura Sakura la)

What did you think? At a hair salon, it is important to be specific about your hair problems and the style you want while showing images. Get a thorough counseling and transform your hair into the style you want!


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