A hairdresser teaches you! How to blow-dry beautiful inner curls


Even if you blow-dry your hair well, the ends sometimes bounce out. Is it possible to turn these outer curls into beautiful inner curls by blow-drying? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.

The question was, “My hair ends are always splitting, but is it possible to blow-dry them to make them curl inward?”

It is currently short to semi-long. The ends of my hair are splashing in different directions every day. I wish I could get it to curl inwards, but it always ends up curling outwards… How can I turn this stubbornly curly hair inward? Is it possible to blow-dry my hair to make it well curly inward?

Learn how to blow-dry hair well inward to prevent splashing at the ends.

Many respondents suggested that it would be a good idea to learn how to blow-dry hair, such as drying hair toward the front and drying hair in a way that raises the roots of the hair.

After about 70% of the hair is dry, I turn my head downwards and blow dry the hair from the top of the head. That way, the roundness of the head will create a natural inner curl. (Shibuya FIX-UP Omotesando, Tokyo)

Do you always dry your hair backwards? If so, then I think you can get a natural C-curly look by drying from the back to the front, looking down a little and raising the fringe straight up to the roots. (Yokohama Hair Salon GIFT, Kanagawa Prefecture)

“Wet the roots where the hair bounces and pull the hair forward while applying heat to the hair to make it easier to control. Also, twisting the ends of the hair inward while drying will make it easier to curl the hair inward. (Tokyo/Machida Hair Make APICAL)

One of the properties of hair is that the ends move in the opposite direction to the roots. Therefore, if you blow dry your hair from above and hold it down, it will have the opposite effect. When you dry your hair, blow-dry it from the bottom to raise the roots and then blow-dry it inward to make it less likely to spring back. (Meguro Atelier ROYM, Tokyo)

If the hair ends are still springy after blow-drying, lightly perm the ends.

Many respondents suggested that a light perm at the ends of the hair would be a good idea.

The way you dry your hair also makes it more likely to curl inward, but a light perm will make it easier to style.” (Tokyo/Setagaya Casa)

“Lightly perming the ends makes it easier to manage. (Tokyo/Setagaya Atelier ash Soshigaya Okura)

Let’s have a consultation to see your hair quality, growth habit, etc.

When I went to a hair salon, one of the respondents said that it is important to have a thorough consultation to look at the quality of the hair and its habit of growing.

The first thing to do is to ask
Is the base of the hair cut well?
Is the amount of hair volume and texture adjusted appropriately for the desired style?
What is the condition of the hair habit?
How do you blow-dry and set your hair?
We can give you clear advice if you ask us or see us during the consultation. (Tokyo, Setagaya, gally)

How was it? If the ends of your hair tend to spring back, you can prevent this by carefully blow-drying your hair inwards, but if you can’t help it, you can apply a light perm to the ends of your hair.

If you are having trouble styling your hair, consult a hair salon as soon as possible!


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