Ask the hairdresser! How can I fix my sleeping habit without damaging my hair after forced frizz?


If you fix your sleeping habit with a hair iron after straightening your hair, you may be worried about damaging your hair. Is there a way to fix sleeping habits that does not damage hair? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.

This time I asked, “After straightening my hair, I use a hair iron to fix my sleeping habit in the morning, but is there any way to fix my sleeping habit without damaging my hair as much as possible?”

I recently had my hair straightened. I am satisfied with the finished product and enjoy wearing it down, which I could not do before. However, my hair is prone to getting into sleeping habits, and I always straighten my hair with a hair iron. I am worried about damaging my hair and would like to straighten my hair without using a hair iron if possible.

Dry hair thoroughly before going to bed to prevent sleeping habits.

First of all, many respondents answered that drying their hair thoroughly before going to bed at night is the best way to prevent sleeping habits.

The first thing that many respondents said was that drying their hair thoroughly before going to bed at night would help prevent bedtime hair habits. Most of the bed-habits are caused by inadequate drying, so even if you think you have dried your hair well, it may not be dry enough. Please check once.” (Hyogo/Kobe Tetote)

“To avoid getting hair stuck in your hair, blow-dry your hair with a hair dryer at night and then blow dry it with cold air to make it harder to get stuck in your hair. When you apply cold air, the half-dried areas will be cooler than the dry areas, so please dry the half-dried areas again.” (Tokyo/Minato NOLUE)

“After washing my hair at night, I dry it thoroughly and completely. When you blow dry your hair, imagine that the wind is holding your hair down from the top down, and it will be easier in the morning.” (Tokyo/Edogawa Orange Pop) (Tokyo/Edogawa, Orange Pop, Nishi-Kasai)

Hair ironing after straightening is hard on the hair.

Many respondents said that using a hair iron after straightening hair is hard on the hair.

“Ironing after straightening damages hair even more, so it is best to avoid it if at all possible.” (Tokyo/Setagaya hair&make yucaci)

“Continued use of irons will damage the hair, making it less manageable. Practice drying and blow-drying first. (Hyogo/Kobe Tetote)

To fix sleeping habits to prevent damage, wet the roots of your hair and then dry it.

Most of the respondents answered that the best way to fix their sleeping habit to minimize hair damage is to wet the roots of their hair and then dry it.

The most common answer was to wet the roots of the hair before drying to minimize hair damage. (Chiba/Ichikawa, Orange Pop Gyotoku)

The least damaging method is to wet your hair once and then dry it. Even if you straighten your hair, you will still have sleeping habits. This is because the hair is crushed by the pillow and head while sleeping and becomes soft due to your own body heat and sweat. However, this mark (sleeping habit) can be easily fixed by using water. And if your hair has been straightened, it can be straightened by simply drying it. (Saitama, Saitama, Japan)

“Wet your hair from the roots to the ends with a sprayer (misting) and dry it the same way you do at night. Finally, dry your hair with cold air (in the same way, blow from top to bottom) to make it shiny and beautiful. Use a negative-ion or far-infrared hair dryer. (Tokyo/Edogawa, Orange Pop Nishi-Kasai)

Basically, the straightened part of your hair should be straight, so wetting it is a good idea. If you don’t like to wet it, you can make a steamed towel by moistening a towel with hot water (you can also microwave a wet towel) and steam the area where the habit is with the towel. Please be careful not to burn yourself!” (Kanagawa Prefecture/Kamakura Sakura la)

How was it? After straightening your hair, it seems that it is better to wet the roots of your hair once and then dry it, rather than fixing your sleeping habit with a hair iron every day. If you don’t know how to fix your sleeping habit well, consult your hair stylist!


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