What causes thinning hair in women?

In recent years, the rhythm of women’s lives has changed, and an increasing number of women are suffering from thinning hair. It is said that thinning hair is caused by hormonal disorders, but this is not always the case. Let’s learn about all the causes and take countermeasures.

Types and Causes of Thinning Hair in Women

First, let’s understand the types of hair loss that are common in women.

diffuse alopecia

Instead of a receding hairline, the entire head of hair thins. The main causes are aging as well as wrong diet and hair care.

Hair loss after childbirth

Hair loss decreases in the second trimester of pregnancy due to an increase in female hormones, but the hormonal balance after childbirth causes hair that was in the growth phase to enter the resting phase, resulting in hair loss.

traction alopecia

Tightly tying your hair for a long period of time puts stress on a certain area of the scalp, causing hair loss only in that area. Continued wearing of ponytails can also result in a wider forehead.

alopecia areata

A type of autoimmune disease in which lymphocytes attack hair follicles, mistaking their own follicles for the enemy. Since the cause is said to be stress, the first priority is to improve the environment.

seborrheic alopecia

Hair loss is caused by inflammation of the scalp due to excessive sebum production. It is important to change to a diet low in fat and learn the correct shampooing method.

alopecia areata

Dandruff blocks the pores, causing inflammation and other problems that prevent hair growth. Washing hair to remove too much sebum is a major cause of this condition.

Preventing Thinning Hair by Reviewing Lifestyle

Menstruation occurs when the levels of estrogen and progesterone, two of the most famous sex hormones, switch. Monthly hormonal fluctuations alone can have a significant impact on hair quality and physical condition.

Of the two, it is estrogen that is believed to work to retain hair; female hormones, which peak in the 20s, gradually decline after the age of 30 and begin to fall rapidly during menopause, between the ages of 45 and 55.

Hormonal imbalance with aging causes various changes in hair quality. In other words, a lifestyle that adheres to the following three principles to maintain a good hormonal balance will also help prevent thinning hair.

Reviewing one’s diet
Adequate sleep
Avoiding stress

It is obvious that these are good for the body, but it is also difficult.
Women’s bodies are delicate and cannot take as much strain as they think they can. If you are concerned about excessive hair loss, please review your lifestyle to see if these three things are missing.

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