I have a base type and my eyes are a bit far apart. What kind of bangs do you recommend?


Having bangs can make a big difference to your look. What kind of bangs would suit a person with a base-shaped face and eyes that are a bit distant from the rest of the face? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.

This time, the question was, “I have a base shape, and my eyes are kind of far apart, what kind of bangs would you recommend?”

I have a base type face, not too prominent, but my eyes are kind of far apart. I would like to change my hairstyle, but I am a little reluctant to have bangs. What kind of bangs do you think would look good? By the way, my hair is hard, has a lot of volume, and is long.

Decide on bangs based on your specific image of how you want to be seen.

Many respondents said that when creating bangs, it is important to have a specific image of how you want to be seen and communicate that image to the hair stylist.

For the setting of bangs, I think you just need to say how you want to be seen, whether you want to look cute or cool, or whatever impression you prefer.” (Saitama/Kasukabe GRANT kasukabe)

Cutting bangs is the point where the impression of your face changes a lot. It is important to have an image of what you want to be. (Saitama/Kitakoshigaya GRANT)

If your eyes are far apart, you should have bangs that flow diagonally.

Many responses suggested that if the eyes are too far apart, it would be better to have bangs, or to make them flow diagonally so that they would not look out of place. Many respondents suggested perming the hair to make the contours less noticeable.

One respondent suggested perming the hair to make it less contoured. “If you haven’t made bangs before and feel uneasy about it, how about making it so that it flows diagonally? You probably can’t imagine how it would look if it were to suddenly fall forward, so if you keep the length of the bangs just below the eyes, it will give you a different image and feel more comfortable. (Tokyo/Ebisu #6 Hair)

“Create the base of the bangs by making the depth deep and the width narrow. Cut bangs just above the eyes and slightly rounded to the cheekbones to cover the base and emphasize the eyes.

We recommend that the bangs be swept back. There are different hairstyles that suit different contours, but I think it is better to have bangs long enough to perm or iron. (Tokyo/Shinjuku Neolive deco Shinjuku East Exit Store)

“I think the overall length is fine as it is now, but how about a loose wavy perm all over? It will give a softer impression and make the contours less noticeable. I think thick, diagonal bangs just above the eyes will make the eye distance less noticeable. (Tokyo/Kichijoji NORI)

Choosing the right hairdresser is key to creating bangs.

Since bangs are one of the most important aspects of hairstyling, many respondents mentioned the importance of choosing the right hairdresser.

The key to resolving problems with bone structure and hair quality is to have a hairdresser you can trust and feel comfortable with. There are a number of points that make a good fit for each person. If you work with a skilled hairdresser who can bring out the best in you, you will have no problems with your hair style.” (Tokyo/Shimokitazawa gally)

If the hairdresser is accurate and experienced, he or she can suggest a hairstyle that suits you. It is best to have a hairdresser who has studied cutting and has experience in this field. (Nagareyama Central Park Hair Salon Wave, Nagareyama, Chiba Prefecture)

What did you think? If you want to have bangs that suit you, it seems that the first step is to choose a hair salon. Find a hair stylist with whom you can discuss any hair problems you may have and have them create bangs that are perfect for you!


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