Is a customer who can’t hold a conversation in a beauty salon a boring customer for a hairdresser?


Some people don’t like to be talked to this and that by their hair stylist in a beauty salon. But do they think that “customers who can’t carry on a conversation are not fun”? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.


This time, we asked the question, “I am not good at talking to hairdressers, but from the hairdresser’s point of view, is a customer who doesn’t talk not enjoyable?”
Conversation at the hair salon is a way for the beautician to learn about your hair preferences and concerns.
Even if the conversation is not going well, the hairdresser is always trying his/her best
It is OK to write in your chart or counseling sheet that you are not a good conversationalist

This time, the question was, “I’m not very good at talking to my hairdresser, but from the hairdresser’s point of view, isn’t it fun to have a customer who doesn’t talk to you?”

I am not very good at talking with my hairdresser. If anything, I would rather have my hair cut and trimmed silently and seriously. So I am totally OK without daily conversation, but how do you think a customer who doesn’t talk much looks from the hairdresser’s point of view?

Is a customer who doesn’t carry on a conversation a customer who doesn’t have fun and is unlikely to work hard? I guess it depends on the hairdresser, but I would love to hear your opinion.

Conversation at the hair salon is a way for the hairdresser to learn about your hair preferences and concerns

Respondents mentioned that the hairdresser talks to them while cutting their hair as a way to learn about their hair preferences and concerns.

One respondent said, “If you don’t mind my personal opinion… As a hairdresser, I try my best not to talk too much out of necessity, sensing the air of someone who is not a good conversationalist. However, if we only talk about hair, we inevitably become brusque and it becomes difficult to read the customer’s preferences. Conversation with the customer is a way for the hairdresser to get a better sense of the customer’s hair preferences and concerns, even if they cannot be expressed in words.” (Nago Hair Make Coop Biimata, Nago, Okinawa)

Even if the conversation isn’t going well, the hairdresser always tries his best.

Many of them answered that they are happy just to come to the salon even if they can’t engage in conversation, and that they always try their best to give the best treatment because they want the customer to feel comfortable in the salon.

The first and foremost premise is to make the customer happy, so I don’t think it means they can’t concentrate on the cut because they can’t talk. Now, the number of beauty salons continues to increase, and I think the hairdressers are working very hard just to have the customer choose to come to us from among them.” (Tochigi Prefecture/Ashikaga Circle Circle Sakura Ashikaga)

“Everyone has their own way of spending time in the beauty salon, and if they are relaxed, I don’t think daily conversation is necessary. It is not at all true that customers do not enjoy themselves or find it difficult to work hard because they do not talk. I hope you enjoy the beauty salon in your own way.” (Osaka, Sakai HAIRS be road, Hatsushiba store)

There are various types of customers, such as those who want to enjoy conversation and those who want to read magazines. I think it is important for the hair stylists to be able to respond to these customers. I think there are conversations that are necessary for the treatment, but it is not difficult to work hard because there is no conversation. (Kanagawa Prefecture/Kawasaki Cherish)

You may indicate on your chart or counseling sheet that you are not a good conversationalist.

We saw responses to the question, “When you go to a hair salon for the first time, is it okay to write on your medical record or counseling sheet that you are not good at conversation?

When you go to a hair salon, I think you always fill out a medical record, and at that time, there is a section where you write “Do you have any hair problems? If you could write in there, “I am not good at talking in the salon,” or “I want to be quiet and relax in the salon,” we would be able to understand how you want to spend your time in the salon, which would be helpful. Thank you. (Vivimus Vivamus, Kyoto, Japan)

I prefer to communicate with the customer according to their mood, so you don’t have to talk more than necessary if you are not comfortable with that. When you fill out a counseling sheet at your first salon, you can write something like, “I am not good at conversation.” (Aichi Prefecture/Nagoya cachina)

How was it? You can clearly see that hairdressers are always trying their best to cut your hair whether you have a conversation or not. If you are not good at conversation, it might be a good idea to say something to your hair stylist at the beginning. You want to relax and enjoy your time at the hair salon.


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