Daily hair iron (iron) or permWhich hurts hair more?


We want to have beautiful curls and waves every day, but we are concerned about the damage that perms and irons can do to our hair. Which is the one that is less stressful on the hair? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.


This time’s question: “Which is more painful, the iron or the perm?
Both the iron and perms are hard on the hair.
The iron gives a beautiful finish. However, it is very damaging, so care is necessary.
Perms are easy. First, let’s have a hair salon take a look at the condition of your hair.

This time the question was, “Which hurts more, the iron or the perm?”

Which is easier on my hair, perming it or curling it daily? I curl it with an iron every day, but I’m worried that it will still be very damaged. So I am wondering if perms are better. I had a perm before and it became very dry, so I’m a little reluctant to have a perm. ……

Both iron and perm are hard on the hair.

Many respondents said that both curling with an iron and perms are hard on the hair.

The iron uses heat, which causes the proteins in the hair to metamorphose and become damaged. The perms vary greatly depending on how they are applied and the chemicals used, but when the chemicals are used, it is hard on the hair. I try to minimize the pain by applying treatments and using different chemicals. (Hyogo Prefecture/Mikage Schlussel)

The iron has a beautiful finish. However, care is necessary as it is very damaging.

One of the advantages of the iron is the beauty of the finished product.
As for ways to lighten the load on the hair, respondents said to dry hair properly, be careful about the temperature of the iron, and use a treatment.

I think it looks better if you curl your hair every day,” said one respondent. However, it depends on how you do it, but I think it hurts more if you use the iron every day. (SALON DE LUNA, Owada, Osaka)

“If you apply a perm, the style will last longer. But it won’t look like an iron finish. If you use an iron, put oil on it first. (Osaka/Settsutonda, Pairspot Miyata)

When curling with an iron, use a low temperature of about 100 degrees! (Tokyo/Harajuku Hair Make Sija) “Let your hair rest without using an iron once in a while. É You can arrange your hair cutely by braiding, or braid it, sleep on it and untie it in the morning for a natural perm look.

Perms are easy. First, have your hair looked at at a hair salon.

The advantage of perms is that they are easy to care for. Many respondents said that they prefer the iron for the finish, but it is very attractive that it lasts longer once it is applied. Many respondents said that perms sometimes cause less damage.

Be sure to check the condition of your hair before applying a perm. If your hair is already damaged, the damage will be greater.

It is better to get a perm to make it easier to take care of. If you use an iron the wrong way, it can really damage your hair. It’s also hard to curl your hair every morning.

If you are thinking, “I will never use an iron again after having a perm! I think it is less damaging to have a perm if you are thinking, “I will never use an iron again after having a perm! However, I think you are curling your hair with the heat of an iron now, so a perm may easily make it look dry. I think it would look better if you apply a non-drying treatment every day and curl it with an iron. (rocca hair innovation, Inage, Chiba)

“You say you curl your hair every day, but I don’t think perms will do much damage to your hair if it is in its natural state. If your hair is colored or if you have a straight perm, you should stop curling and perm your hair. It is very damaging. Show your hair stylist the condition of your hair and discuss it with her.” (Tokyo/Ginza Hair Room)

What did you think? Many of you may have figured out which one is right for you by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the iron and perm. If you are having trouble, it might be a good idea to consult with your favorite hair salon about how to take care of your hair and its condition.


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