Why is it that women who don’t have boyfriends, the “Seven Wonders”, do what they do!


The “Seven Wonders” are cute but have no boyfriends. In this article, we will reveal the NG behaviors that prevent these girls from getting boyfriends. If you are one of the “Seven Wonders” who can’t find a boyfriend, are you one of them?

The “Seven Wonders” are people like this

The “Seven Wonders” are women who are “cute and stylish,” “always stylish and clean,” and “have a feminine side,” and who are “cheerful,” “have a good personality,” and “can read the air. In addition, they are “cheerful,” “have a good personality,” and “can read the air.” Furthermore, they are ambitious and “have hobbies and goals.

It is surprising that only women who fit these seemingly perfect seven elements do not have boyfriends. People around them wonder why they don’t have boyfriends, but the reason lies in their NG behavior.

Communicative issues

The “Seven Wonders” tend to either talk too much or too quietly. The one who talks too much will talk over what someone else is saying before the conversation is over, and will steal the topic from the person who is talking.

A person who is too quiet is the kind of person who only mostly talks over each other and does not talk about himself or herself. Neither of these is likely to make the other person think, “I want to talk to you again. A person who listens moderately well is more likely to be well-liked.

Trying to get people to accept you as you are.

Another characteristic of the “7 wonders” is that they do not make any effort to approach their partner, believing that if they like him or her, they should be fine just as they are. This is a characteristic of the “Seven Wonders,” who usually show concern for those around them, such as “reading the atmosphere,” so it is difficult to understand unless you are in a romantic relationship with them.

It will be difficult to continue a relationship with a man or a woman unless you have a part of you that matches the other person’s needs and not just your own ideals. Being cute is also connected to not making an effort to be liked.

One thing makes me hate everything.

Even if there is someone who likes you and you are interested in him, it is common for the “seven wonders” to find themselves disliking everything about him because of some sudden action he took.

Because they are often pampered by men, they have little desire for a single love. If the relationship is young or before dating, they tend to easily become uninterested in the relationship, saying, “Well, maybe I don’t need this person. It is necessary to understand that no one is perfect.

Surprisingly, previous love drags on

Although this is a bit contrary to what I have said so far, the “Seven Wonders” are also characterized by the fact that they often drag out their previous love. Because it is difficult to find someone who fits the bill, it is hard to forget someone you fell in love with very much or with whom you had a long relationship.

However, memories can be beautiful. I hope that you will not be swayed by the past, but cherish the encounters you will have in the future.

The “Seven Wonders” are cute and, to all intents and purposes, not bad characters. If you try to look at yourself objectively and fix your selfishness toward love, you may find it easier to get a boyfriend.


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