Hairstyle basics! What is the definition of a bob?


Short, bob, medium, long…bob styles are popular among many hairstyles. What exactly is the definition of a bob? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.


This time we asked the question, “What is the definition of a bob?”
Bob is a length with the hair cut back around the collar.
There are various styles of bobs.
When ordering a bob, what exactly is a bob?

This time, the question is, “What is the definition of a bob?”

What is a bob? Any definitions or anything? It seems vague to me, even though hairdressers often use it… Thank you in advance.

Bob length with hair cut back around the collar

Bobs were formerly referred to as “wickedly long” heads, and the length of the bob style was trimmed at the collar, but recently, responses indicated that bob styles with a lighter look have been on the rise.

The bob style refers to a hairstyle of a length where the hair is trimmed at the back around the neckline. Since the 1990s, the number of bob hairstyles with shaggy hair ends or light hair volume adjustment has been increasing, and the range of hairstyles has become wider and easier to arrange. The bob style has become a popular hairstyle that is easy to arrange. (coco+α, Kameoka, Kyoto)

Simply put, it is a style in which the hair at the top is longer than the hair at the bottom. (Tokyo/Setagaya gally)

In most cases, a gradient cut is used for the bob. The hair at the top is longer than the hair at the bottom, and the hair at the top covers the whole head. It seems to create a moist and thick hairstyle.

Bobs come in many styles.

Some respondents said that there are various styles of bob, such as forward bob, back bob, and balloon bob.

For example, there are a variety of bob styles that are becoming more and more popular, such as the forward bob style, cute bob hair cut in a rounded silhouette in the back, and a hairstyle called the balloon bob, in which the top part is permed to give it more volume. The bob is a hairstyle that can be enjoyed in a variety of styles.” (coco+α, Kameoka, Kyoto)

The word “bob” has different atmospheres depending on the style. One-lane bobs and loose, fluffy bobs seem to be the most popular bob styles these days.

When ordering Bob, be specific.

When ordering a bob, some respondents suggested that it would be better to show a picture or other information and explain it in detail.

The answer is: “Even with a bob, I think it is better to explain whether the line seen from the side is horizontal, or whether it is slightly down as it goes to the chin, or slightly up. I recommend showing a photo or image of the style you want to have to your hair stylist. (Tokyo/Musashino NORI)

“First of all, it is important to clarify the desired hairstyle. Look at various style books and style images to find the style you like! If you can’t find it, ask for a consultation at the salon where you actually want to have your hair done, and have it cut by a good hair stylist. Choosing the right salon and the right hairdresser is the key! (Tokyo/Setagaya, gally)

The bob is basically a style that suits everyone and has few mistakes, but it can look completely different depending on how it is cut and how it is styled. Of course, different styles suit different contours and face types, so make sure to communicate your image and pursue a bob style that suits you.

Now that you know what the definition of a bob is, what do you think of the term “bob”? There are many different names for hairstyles, and it is sometimes difficult to know which style you want.

When getting a haircut, it is best to show your hairstylist a picture of your desired hairstyle and ask for a thorough consultation, rather than being bound by names. Good luck in getting close to your fabulous bob style!


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