My hair color is fading fast! How can I make the color last longer?


It is disappointing when the color fades quickly after you have taken the trouble to color your hair. Is there a good way to keep beautifully dyed hair color? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.

This time I have a problem: “Even if I color my hair, the color fades quickly. Is there any good way to keep my hair color?”

I have my hair colored at a hair salon every month and a half. I don’t know if it is because I bleach my hair almost every time or if it is a problem with the quality of my hair, but the color goes in beautifully, but it fades quickly and becomes blonde.

I want to keep the color as long as possible since I have had my hair colored so prettily. Is there any good way to keep my hair color?

Salon treatment to coat the hair surface.

One respondent said, “Hair damaged by bleaching has cuticles that have peeled off, so it is important to coat the hair surface with a salon treatment or other means.

The damaged hair is in a state where the cuticles on the surface have peeled off and are gone, or have become frayed and cannot be put back together again. It is just like a laver roll without laver. No matter how many ingredients you put in a nori roll without nori, it will not form a beautiful shape, and the ingredients will spill out. If you want to make the color last as long as possible, it is important to coat the surface of your hair well with a salon treatment! (Hyogo/Kobe Schlussel)

Prevent fading with shampoo specially designed for color

Many respondents thought that using a shampoo specially designed for color would prevent fading.

They said, “Use an amino acid-based shampoo at home! Be careful not to use shampoos with sulfuric acid or olefin-sulfonic acid in them, such as Laurel Sulfate, because they will fade the color faster!” (Osaka parc.)

Shampoo is the most important factor in preventing fading. Weakly acidic, amino acid shampoos are considered the best. It is better to refrain from shampooing on the day of coloring, so that the color will stay in place better! (Tokyo/Shinjuku Neolive eco Shinjuku Southeast Exit Store)

“You can prevent fading by using a shampoo specifically designed for color! Also, when shampooing, be aware of the lather and avoid scrubbing too much. Also, when shampooing, be aware of the lather and don’t scrub too hard. (Tokyo/Chuo AMARE)

Color control by dying darker than usual

Many respondents said that dyeing the hair a little darker than usual would make the color last longer.

The answer was “If you bleach your hair repeatedly or continue to use high-toned colors, the color will not last as long as it should! Dyeing the hair a little darker than usual will make the color last longer. (Osaka parc.)

“Color the hair darker first and enjoy the color fading! Bleaching every time is too painful, so why not do it once every two times? Take good care of your hair too.” (Kanagawa Prefecture/Sagamihara FORTE Sagamihara by colk.)

“If you try a darker color than usual, it will probably be a little harder to make it fall out. Please consult with your hair stylist and enjoy your color.” (Tokyo/Machida avanti)

What did you think? It seems that if you bleach your hair repeatedly, the color will inevitably fade easily, but if you dye it darker or repair your hair with a salon treatment, you can prevent the color from fading. If you’re worried about your hair color fading, talk to your hairstylist about it once!


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