Ask a Hairdresser! Causes and remedies for sleeping habits


Even if you dry your hair properly before going to bed at night, you may still have a sleeping habit. What is the cause of this sleeping habit? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.

This time I have a problem: “I dry my hair with a hair dryer before going to bed, but when I wake up in the morning, it is very springy. What could be the cause of my hair’s tendency to stay in bed?”

When I go to bed at night, I apply a treatment and dry my hair properly with a hair dryer, but in the morning it is very loose. Please tell me what causes this and what I can do to prevent it.

Sleeping habits are caused by the moisture content of the hair

Many respondents said that the cause of sleeping habits is the amount of moisture in the hair before going to bed.

They said, “Hair takes on a certain shape when it is completely dry. Perhaps there is still moisture in the hair when you dry it with a hair dryer, which is why you have a sleeping habit.” (Tokyo/Setagaya gally)

Basically, if there is any moisture left in your hair or scalp, you are more likely to develop a habit, so you need to dry your hair tightly before going to bed.” (Osaka/Kono Re:Style15+)

The most common cause of bed-habit is moisture. Other factors include hair quality and sleeping position. Use a hair dryer to thoroughly dry the hair down to the skin, and if you perspire easily, do something about night sweats. (Tokyo/Toshima Hair studio 1st)

People who sleep wet, perspire a lot, have short to medium hair, and comb their hair a lot are more likely to get night sweats. (Sunrise Shell, Meguro, Tokyo)

Before going to bed at night, make a few changes.

One respondent suggested applying hot curlers after drying hair at night, or wrapping a towel around the neck and sleeping with it curled inward.

A good hairdryer and a minute of cold air at the end will help shape-memorize your hair.” (Tokyo/Minato ZENKO omotesando)

It takes a little more time, but why don’t you try curling just the ends of your hair with a hot curler or something after you blow-dry? I think it will be a little easier to manage in the morning if you give the ends shape during the night. (Osaka, Japan / Osaka es)

If you don’t have time in the morning, you can curl your hair in a towel around your neck. If you don’t have time in the morning, wrap a towel around your neck and sleep with your hair curled inward to reduce flyaways. Try it! (Chiba/Narita, Narita Beauty Salon MEEK)

To fix sleeping habits in the morning, wet the roots thoroughly before using a hair dryer.

Many respondents said that when they fix their sleeping habit in the morning, they should wet their roots thoroughly before applying the hair dryer.

Here is a suggestion on how to deal with splashing. First, buy a “sprayer” at a 100-yen store. Fill it with water and spray it on the surface of the hair where it is splashing, then apply the hair dryer by hand, without using a brush. The splits and habits are coming from the surface of the hair, so the root is very important. Try it.” (Saitama/Tokorozawa, hair studio Spic & Span)

No matter how careful you are, you will probably get a few kinks from tossing and turning or using a pillow. When this happens, it is hard to fix even if you wet the ends of your hair, so I wet my hair thoroughly from the roots, apply a small amount of treatment after towel-drying, and blow-dry. I then apply a small amount of treatment after towel-drying and blow-dry the hair. (Chiba/Narita, Narita Beauty Salon MEEK)

What did you think? It seems that the cause of bed hair that gets stuck in your hair is the amount of moisture in your hair before going to bed. Drying your hair thoroughly and avoiding night sweats seem to be the basics. If you are worried about your hair bouncing, consult your hair stylist.


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