I have straight hair and my bangs are flat! Can I get fluffy bangs with a perm?


Even if I blow-dry my hair so that the bangs are fluffy, if my hair is straight and silky, it tends to be flat. Is it better to get a perm to keep the fluffy bangs in the morning all day long? We asked hairdressers from around the country to answer this question.

This time, the question was, “I have straight hair and my bangs are flat. Can a perm improve them to fluffy bangs?”

I blow-dry my bangs softly and roundly every morning, but in the evening they become moist and flat. My hair is generally straight and rather silky. If my bangs are long, they get in the way when I look down, so I always keep them just long enough to keep them out of my eyes. Would it be improved if I get a perm or something? Also, please let me know if there are any precautions I should take when shampooing my hair daily.

Loose perm, fluffy bangs.

Many respondents said that when a blow-dryer does not work, a loose perm can keep the fluffy bangs in place.

If you curl your bangs with an iron or hot curlers for a full turn or so, it will hold up better than blow drying. If your hair is too straight and hard to shape, we recommend a looser perm. (FAIRLADY, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo)

If your hair is too straight, it will be difficult to make it last for a day. I recommend perming your hair to make it naturally fluffy. (Tokyo/Itabashi Kuyakushomae FELICE)

“I think perms make it a little easier. If you give it a hard perm, it will be harder to do, so how about giving it a perm and curling it with a magic curler for styling? (Osaka/Esaka UN hair Ally’s)

Hard spray to keep the style!

Many respondents said that using a hard spray when styling their hair in the morning helps to keep their fluffy bangs in place.

In general, people with thin hair tend to have flat bangs over time, even after styling in the morning. A loose perm can help a little, but spraying after blow-styling will help keep it in place. (FRIENDS Nagareyama Otakanomori S.C., Nagareyama Otakanomori, Chiba Prefecture)

It is true that perming the bangs gives them a rounder, fluffier look, but it can easily change the impression of the hair, so it is best to decide carefully based on the quality of the hair and the way it grows. Use a light hard spray when styling to help keep it in place!” (Tokyo/Ginza Salon)

Keep your scalp clean with scalp care.

Many respondents said it is important to choose a good quality shampoo, shampoo the scalp thoroughly, and take care of the scalp on a regular basis.

The shampoo should be carefully massaged into the scalp with the palms of your fingers, since the purpose is to keep the skin clean.  Another important point is to choose the right shampoo! Strong shampoos can dry out both the skin and the hair, so please use the best quality shampoo possible.” (Tokyo/Itabashi Kuyakushomae FELICE)

“Moistness is often caused by sebum on the scalp. Especially in winter, it gets drier and sebum secretion becomes more active. If you take care of your scalp on a daily basis, you will see gradual improvement. For scalp care, I recommend a head spa!” (FRIENDS Nagareyama Otakanomori S・C, Nagareyama Otakanomori, Chiba Prefecture)

“For daily shampooing, make sure to wash your hair twice and apply a treatment. Please be aware that shampoo products on the market these days contain silicone, which is not good for the scalp and may make perms less effective!” (Osaka/Esaka UN hair) (Osaka/Esaka UN hair Ally’s)

What did you think? It seems that a loose perm can make bangs fluffy, but it is important to take care of your scalp on a regular basis to create an environment where beautiful hair can grow. Keep your bangs fluffy with a perm and scalp care!



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