Ask the hairdresser! What to do with naturally permed bangs? How to make it look mature


If you have a round face with a natural perm that tends to make you look young, you may be worried that bangs will make you look even more childish. Is it possible to create a bangs style that does not emphasize a round face & childishness? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.

This time, the question was, “I have a round face with a natural perm that tends to make me look young, but is it okay if I have bangs?”

My hair is fluffy, naturally permed, thin, and low volume. It is between medium and long length and I have a round face, so I always look younger than my age. I haven’t had bangs in years, but recently I’ve been wondering if I should have them. But I am worried that they will accentuate my round face and juvenile appearance. In a case like mine, would it be better not to have bangs? If I can have bangs, how can I make a style that doesn’t emphasize my round face & childishness?

Style with natural perm.

Many respondents said that if they were going to have bangs, why not try natural bangs that take advantage of the natural perm’s frizz?

For example, if you want to make both the bangs and the rest of the hair look fluffy and squishy by taking advantage of the frizz, then I think it’s fine to have bangs! However, if you want a straight overall styling, I think it is better not to cut them. Bangs are a frizzy area, so unless you are styling them to take advantage of the frizz, longer bangs would be easier to handle.” (Chou chou by U-REALM, Seiseki Sakuragaoka, Tokyo)

“If you have long bangs that are about the level of your nose to your lip line, why not let the frizziness of the entire hairline shine through to create a natural look? (Minami-Kusatsu hair design Re:ving, Shiga Prefecture)

Longer, flowing bangs can cover up the childish look.

Many respondents suggested that long, flowing bangs would cover the childish look.

The look of bangs varies considerably depending on the length. If you want to give a sharp impression without looking too young, try thicker bangs, cut just below the eyes, and let them flow down a little. The thickness of the bangs will also calm down any kinks, and unlike bangs that are completely done up, I think you can create a mature and cute look by letting them flow.” (Kanagawa/Yurigaoka green)

I think that bangs can make you look a little young, but if they are long and flowing, I don’t think they will make you look too young. In fact, it may even make you look classy! (Tokyo/Ginza, AFLOAT JAPAN)

I can’t say for sure until I see the balance, but I would suggest letting the hair flow a little just above the eyes. By flowing it a little, it creates a vertical break and blurs the lines that tend to be rounded. However, since I don’t know how much frizz you have and how it appears, I think it’s best to discuss this with your hairstylist. (Aichi/Kurokawa GALON)

If you are concerned about your natural perm, straighten only your bangs.

Some responded that it is okay to straighten only the bangs and to choose the right hairdresser for the job.

If you are concerned about your hair’s natural frizziness, I recommend straightening only the bangs if you are worried about it. If you are concerned about the frizz, I would recommend straightening only the bangs. A deeper bang gives height to the top of the head and makes it look more youthful. However, if the bangs are not too wide, the roundness of the face will not be noticeable and the effect will be to make the face look smaller. (NORI, Kichijoji, Tokyo)

If you are bored with the length of your hair, it is possible to change your image with a slight change in the design of the bangs and around the face to make it look better. The most important thing is to choose the right hair stylist. If you can find a hair stylist who is good at what she does and who understands your sensibilities, your problems will be solved. (Tokyo/Shimokitazawa gally)

What did you think? It seems that by making use of the kinky side of your hair or by having longer bangs, you can cover up a round face that tends to look juvenile with a natural perm. If you have trouble with natural perms, please consult with a hair salon you can trust.


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