I want to get a perm! Straightening for frizzy hair?


Sometimes when you get a perm, the result is not what you thought it would be. If I want to get a perm, should I straighten my hair if it is frizzy? We asked hairdressers from around the country to answer this question.

This time, the question was, “I originally have frizzy hair, and I want to get a digital perm, should I ask for a hair straightener?”

I had a digital perm done at a local hair salon earlier this month, but I want to take it out for various reasons. It would be best to have it returned at the salon where I had it done, but I would like to do it at a different salon if possible.

In that case, should I ask them to straighten my hair? My hair is originally frizzy, but I don’t want to straighten it all the way to the ends. Please advise me.

If you think about the damage to your hair, you should use a straight perm instead of straightening your hair.

Most of the respondents said that it is better to use a straight perm to remove the digital perm instead of straightening the hair.

They said, “I don’t recommend straightening your hair. I think it would be unnatural if you don’t start from the root if you do it! I think the damage will also progress, so why don’t you try a straight perm? Straight perms are much less damaging than straightening, and I think it will blend in with your natural hair more easily. (Tokyo/Tama Chou chou by U-REALM)

I think it depends on the salon, but considering the damage, I think a weak straight perm with perm drop is better than straightening. I can’t say for sure because I haven’t actually seen it, but of course it is possible to soften the hair without straightening it all the way to the ends.” (Tokyo/Minato HAIR DIMENSION Aoyama)

“You said you want to take a perm, but in terms of the menu, it is classified as straightening. If you tell us when you call that you want to get a perm, our staff will take care of it. If you use a soft cosmetic type of medicine, it will not be straightened like straightening. Just let us know at the counseling session that you don’t want straightening.” (Nara Prefecture/Kashiba DONNA Asahigaoka store)

If you want to get a digital perm, I think you can get a straight perm. However, the original frizzy hair cannot be fixed with a straight perm, so I think it will either return to its previous state of frizzy hair, or the volume will be reduced while the frizz remains. (Tokyo/Tachikawa bis)

Even if only the tips of the hair are left digitally permed

Some respondents suggested that leaving the digital perm only at the ends of the hair would leave a natural curl.

The answer was “Why don’t you leave the digital perm only at the ends of your hair? It will leave a more natural curl than if you straighten the whole hair, and the hair ends will not be damaged. (Tokyo/Setagaya Atelier ash Soshigaya-Okura)

Counseling at the salon is important.

To minimize hair damage, some respondents said it is better to have a thorough hair consultation before making a decision.

One respondent said, “To get the texture you are looking for, we cannot give you a definite answer without a thorough assessment of your hair’s actual condition and perm status at the salon’s counseling session. Make sure to ask a salon you can trust! (Tokyo/Setagaya gally)

“When you make an appointment, tell them you want to drop the digipa perm, then go to the salon, look at the hair, and make a decision. (Osaka / Osaka D-ZONE)

What did you think? If you have kinky hair and want to drop the digital perm, it seems that a straight perm is better than a straight perm. When you want to get a perm, you should first go to a hair salon and have them take a thorough look at your current hair damage before deciding on a treatment method.


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