I need to do something about my bouncy bangs! How to Control Splashing Bangs in Men’s Bangs


You blow-dry your bangs and they are straight, but then you realize that they are flouncing outward…. Many of you may have had this experience. We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer how to successfully control the bouncing of bangs.


This time, we asked the question, “My bangs are splashing outward.
Let’s get the hang of blow-drying bangs.
If your bangs still flop even after blow-drying, add a straightening iron.
If self-care doesn’t work, straighten your hair
Make the most of bangs by cutting and styling

This time the question was, “My bangs are splashing outward, is there any way to control this?”

When my hair grows long, only the fringe curls outward and splashes. I try to straighten it out when I dry it, but it still ends up splashing. Is there anything I can do to control this?

Get the hang of blow-drying your bangs.

Many respondents said they should first get the hang of blow-drying their bangs.

They said, “If you stretch them first when you dry them, the roots will be crushed and they will splatter! First, dry your hair as if you were scratching the roots, then pull it dry as if you were stretching it, and let it cool before releasing it. After that, fix it with a styling product and you’re good to go!” (Tokyo/Ikebukuro ROULAND)

“Wet the roots before drying and let it grow out. (Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture, Circle Circle Sakura Ashikaga)

I don’t know what kind of splashing you are talking about, but in the cases I’ve seen so far, are you talking about the ends of the hair at the curling part? If it is that part of the hair that is splitting outward, try drying the hair in the shaved part further from the outside toward the center (like an eighty-two parting). If the problem is caused by the roots growing in, just doing that will help a lot. (Tokyo, Ebisu hair OrB ebisu)

If the hair is still splayed after blow-drying, add a straightening iron.

Many respondents suggested using a straightening iron if blow-drying alone doesn’t work.

If you are looking for an at-home method, I think a straightening iron would be the easiest.” (Tokyo/Kanamachi Codino hive)

“Use a straight iron and make sure the hydrogen bonds are tight. (Settsutonda, Osaka, Pairspot Miyata)

When self-care doesn’t work, straighten your hair.

Many respondents said that straightening hair is recommended when the frizziness of the bangs inevitably causes them to spring back.

If you don’t want to bother with a straightening iron every day, it’s quick and easy to get your hair straightened at a salon! (Kanamachi Codino hive, Tokyo)

If your hair ends are simply frizzy, straightening the bangs is probably a good idea” (Oizumigakuen, Tokyo/Oizumigakuen Hair studio 1st)

Make the most of bangs by cutting and styling.

Some respondents suggested that cutting and styling could be used to reduce or make the most of bangs.

The answer to this question was “Bangs can be improved to some extent by cutting, but most of the time it is due to the hair’s curvature. It is one thing to control the split ends, but it is easier and more stable to make use of the split ends. It may be a good idea to explore if there is a style that makes the most of the wavy state of the hair. (Tokyo/Machida, Imagine Amity)

“If you shorten the hair inside the hair by a few millimeters and cut the hair above it a few millimeters longer, it will settle down. This is called “gradation. However, it is easy to make the bangs look a little thicker and heavier. Also, why don’t you try raising the bangs instead of lowering them when styling? It’s becoming more and more popular these days. (Sunrise Shell, Nakameguro, Tokyo)

What did you think? It seems that you can prevent your bangs from bouncing if you devise a way to blow-dry or add a straightening iron or hair straightener to your hair. It is also a good idea to ask your hair salon to suggest a hairstyle that makes the most of bangs. Be proactive and consult with a trusted hair stylist about your hair quality and styling concerns.


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