My bangs are heavy and make me look dark! What is the solution?


If you have a lot of bangs, they will inevitably look darker. How can we lighten heavy bangs if they are not long enough and cannot be worn sideways? We asked hairdressers from around the country to answer this question.

This time the question was, “What can I do to lighten my heavy bangs?”

I have a lot of bangs and people say they look dark. Moreover, the length of my bangs is a little below my eyebrows, so I cannot wear them to the side. What can I do to lighten these heavy bangs?

Depending on how wide your forehead is, have it cut to fit!

Many respondents suggested that they should have their bangs designed according to the width of their forehead.

The most common question was, “Do you have a wide forehead? Is it narrow? If you have a wide forehead, I think you should grow your bangs a little longer and make them slanted. If you have a narrow forehead, you can have thicker bangs (depth), so I think you should have them cut so that there is a gap at the ends. (Mizue air Relaxation en croix, Tokyo)

Brush bangs and adjust volume for a lighter look.

Many respondents said that if the bangs are too large, they can be lightened by trimming them or reducing the width of the bangs.

They said, “Why don’t you try trimming them with a cut? You can reduce the amount of hair without trimming it by blocking and separating the cut, so please consult with a hair stylist you can trust. (Tokyo/Ikebukuro ekzisto)

“I think it is better to think in the direction of making the hair look smaller. You can either lighten the hair by trimming it or reduce the width of the bangs to reduce the thickness of the bangs as they become sideburns. (Asian, Nakamozu, Osaka)

If you leave all the hair down in a blunt bun, it will inevitably look heavy, so I think it’s a good idea to cut it so that it flows a little in either direction while watching the flow of the hair and the way it grows. I think it is best to cut the bangs a little thin so that they look loose, and to cut the front surface so that it is a little fluffy. I think it can be done any way you want depending on the cut! (HAIR DIMENSION Aoyama, Omotesando, Tokyo)

Permanent bangs with flow.

Some respondents said that rounded bangs with permed bangs give a softer impression.

If your bangs are not that long and do not flow easily, you can use a perm to give a nuanced movement to the bangs to make them flow naturally and look cute, even if they are a little longer. Since it is a nuanced perm, you can rest assured that it won’t make your bangs look bulky or too voluminous. (Tokyo/Meijingu-mae [Harajuku] see/saw)

The bangs give a completely different impression, so they are very important! Have you ever had permed bangs? If you have permed bangs, they are easier to style. Maybe it would be nice to have a different hairdresser do it once in a while! You might be able to become a different person than you normally are.” (Chou chou by U-REALM, Seiseki Sakuragaoka, Tokyo)

How about a perm? You can even apply it without volume. By curving the hair slightly, it will flow more easily to the side and soften the impression of your face. (Tokyo/Meijingu-mae [Harajuku] hair cutting garden Jacques Moisant Omotesando)

We also recommend perming the bangs to give them a softer, rounder look. Please consult with us. (HAIR DIMENSION Aoyama, Omotesando, Tokyo)

What did you think? First, depending on the width of your forehead, have your hair cut to suit your hair type, such as trimming or slanting. Then, it seems that having bangs permed to make them flow more easily will add lightness to the bangs. Find a hair stylist you can trust and ask for advice!


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