My forehead is so narrow! Is it safe to part my bangs in the center?


One of the most intelligent and mature hairstyles is the center parted bangs. However, if you have a narrow forehead, you may be worried that parted bangs may not suit you. Is it safe to have center parted bangs even if you have a narrow forehead? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.

This time, the question was, “Is it okay to part my bangs in the center if I have a narrow forehead?”

I have had a variety of hairstyles over the past few years, from short hair to medium hair, but it just doesn’t feel right. I currently have a medium bob with bangs just above my eyes.

I have an egg-shaped face, cat eyes, and a baby face that tends to make me look young, so I’d like to try a more mature look with center parted bangs, but I’m afraid they won’t look good on my narrow forehead…

First, grow out the bangs and part them to the side to make them flow.

Many of the respondents said that it would be better to grow out the bangs a little first, rather than center parting them at their current length.

If you part your hair in the center with your bangs at their current length, it will probably not blend well with the rest of your hair, so I think it will be difficult to get it to look right. Rather than trying to center part bangs out of the blue, it would be better to start by parting the hair to the side and letting the bangs flow, then gradually grow them out and try center parting when they reach the chin-tip length. (Atelier ROYM, Gakugei Daigaku, Tokyo)

If you have a narrow forehead, diagonal bangs may suit you better.

Some respondents said that if the forehead is narrow, thicker bangs with more depth would look better than a center parting.

The most common answer was, “I think side-swept bangs with more depth and a line just below the eyes would suit you best.

It is said that the best bangs for people with narrow foreheads are those that flow diagonally. Incidentally, the most beautiful face shape is an egg shape. By creating bangs from the back and adding depth, a narrow forehead can be prevented.” (Hasuda, Saitama Prefecture, Studio Create Hasuda)

Consult your hair stylist often to get the bangs that look best on you.

When changing bangs, prior counseling is very important. Many people said that it is important to have their hair stylist take a good look at their hair quality, contours, and overall balance beforehand, and to convey the image they want to achieve.

There are many different designs for bangs. If the style matches the balance of each person’s contours and eyes, you will surely be able to find bangs that suit you! (Osaka, Japan / Osaka emu Umeda)

“Hairstyle will be based on the skeletal structure and contours of the customer, which will become the base of the hairstyle that will suit them. Please consult with our beauticians who have experience and have studied cutting.” (Nagareyama Central Park Hair Salon Wave, Nagareyama, Chiba Prefecture)

The right bangs will depend on what kind of image you want your hair to have. If you consider the total amount of bangs, the size of your eyes, and your bone structure, I don’t think there is any hair or hair type that won’t look good on you, so I think you should discuss your image with your hair stylist. (Tokyo/Kichijoji NORI)

What did you think? It seems that even if you have a narrow forehead, you can still get a center parting, but it is important to consult with your hairstylist first. I’m going to try center parting! Even if you have already decided to try the center parting, there may be another type of bangs that would suit your hair better.

Take your hairstylist’s advice into consideration and find the bangs that suit you best!


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