Ask the hairdresser! I have frizzy hair and a lot of hair. How can I reduce the dryness of my perm?


If you have a lot of hair, styling it can be time consuming and difficult. If you have frizzy hair with a lot of volume and are worried about your hair becoming dry after a digital perm, how should you set it? We asked hairdressers across the country to answer this question.

This time, the question was, “I have a lot of frizzy hair, and I have a digital perm. How can I set my hair better without making it look dry?”

I have frizzy hair with a lot of volume and each strand is strong. I always have a digital perm, but it always ends up looking dry and unruly.

I apply apricot oil to my hair after towel drying to prevent it from getting dry, but how can I set my hair better?

Digital perms tend to be dry because of the heat applied.

One of the respondents said that since digital perms are applied with heat, the hair tends to dry out a little more easily.

The answer was “Digital perms are different from regular perms in that they apply heat to the hair, so the ends tend to dry out more easily. In some cases, treatment products (treatment-based) are necessary to reduce the damage caused by perms at the salon, and if there is a lot of hair, it is harder for the perm to come out, so maintenance such as cutting is also necessary.” (Kyoto, Japan/Kyoto Peace, Senbon Branch)

Digital perms use heat to apply the perm, so they last longer, but they tend to dry out easily. We recommend using a moisturizing shampoo and treatment or having a treatment at a hair salon. Recently, a steam digital perm called Plume, which is less prone to damage, is good.” (Saitama/Fujimino Hair Make Oz)

You can use a cream-type no-rinse treatment or a light wax.

If you are concerned about dryness at the ends of your hair, many respondents suggested using a cream-type leave-in treatment or a light wax.

If you are concerned about dryness, we recommend cream or emulsion type treatment rather than oil type treatment. However, be aware that some products may be too moisturizing and sticky. If you are worried about the weight, try adding a small amount of your existing oil after drying to make your hair more manageable and shiny. (GRANT kasukabe, Kasukabe, Saitama)

It’s good to use a light-textured wax for styling. (Hokkaido/Kitami PLUS:e)

“When wet, apply Moroccan oil and use a hair dryer to create a half-dried style without over-drying. After that, let it dry naturally and it will work well.” (Fujimino, Saitama/Hair Make-up Oz)

After towel-drying and applying a non-drying treatment, dry the roots first, then split the hair in half in front of and behind the ears. Twist inwards to create vertical curls. (Kyoto, Japan/Kyoto Peace, Senbon Branch)

For frizzy hair with a lot of hair, I also recommend stocky curls.

One respondent suggested that if the hair volume is large and frizzy, it may be okay to straighten or straighten perms and apply digital perms only to the ends of the hair.

The answer was “If you have frizzy hair, there is a possibility that the moisture content inside your hair is insufficient to begin with, and the digital perm may cause the moisture to drop even further. Therefore, curls where necessary and straight curls where you want to keep it in place seem to be the way to go.” (Rever hair make, Osaka, Japan)

How about straightening your hair and applying a perm to the ends? (Sakai, Osaka / Hair’s guest house Sunny & moon)

What did you think? Even if you have a lot of hair and are worried about dryness, you can make your hair more manageable depending on how you style it. If you have any questions about hair care methods, please consult your hair stylist.


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