Free bangs cut! Is it a nuisance for the salon if I actually go?


It is not easy to get bangs cut by yourself. If you are told at your favorite salon that “bangs cutting is free, so feel free to come in,” would it actually be a nuisance if you went? We asked hairdressers from around the country to answer this question.

This time, I asked, “My favorite salon told me to feel free to come in for a free bangs cut, but would it be a nuisance if I actually went?”

The other day at my regular salon, I told them, “I’m not good at cutting bangs…” I told her, “You can come just for a haircut. You can come by just for a bangs cut, it’s free, so stop by while you’re out shopping or something. I was so happy and wanted to go.

I was very happy and wanted to go, but when I thought about going, I hesitated to go because I wondered if I could really go just for a bangs cut… and I wouldn’t pay for it. In fact, would it be a nuisance if someone came to your salon just for a bangs cut (and for free)? I’d love to hear what salons really think!

If they’re offering to cut your bangs for free, you might as well take them at their word.

We cut bangs for 1,000 yen, but in fact we sometimes offer this service to our regulars, so why don’t you take our word for it and not worry about it?” (FUSS Beauty Salon, Shinjuku, Tokyo)

“Basically, most places charge for cutting bangs, so if they offer free service, I think it is a very conscientious store. I think you can take our word for it there.” (Tokyo/Machida, Imagine Amity)

Hairdressers are happy just to have you come to the salon.

Many respondents said they were happy to have people come to the salon and let us support them in becoming beautiful.

I really want them to come to my salon. I would like to build a relationship of trust with them by being involved with them as much as possible, and I would like to match them with different outfits and the atmosphere of the season, so I think it will broaden the scope of my next proposal. I am sure all of our salons look forward to serving you.” (Saitama Prefecture/Kasukabe GRANT kasukabe)

From a beautician’s point of view, we want our customers to always look beautiful. And I would like to support that with my own hands! (Nago Hair Make Coop Biimata, Nago, Okinawa Prefecture)

Even if you just want a bangs cut, you are more than welcome! Nothing would make a hairdresser happier than to be able to cut even just the fringe and make the customer look even more attractive. (Shibuya hair OrB ebisu, Tokyo)

Cut bangs at a salon instead of making a mistake with a self-cut.

Respondents said that it is better to have bangs cut at a salon than to make a mistake with a self-cut.

Even a hairdresser can’t grow out hair that has been cut too long by self-cutting, so I recommend getting bangs cut at a salon so that it will be easier for the hairdresser to cut them next time.” (Kyoto/Uji clock)

“By all means, have your bangs cut at a hair salon! They will look better than if you cut them yourself. To be honest, it is more difficult to have your hair cut by yourself and then be asked to fix it. It is more difficult to be told to fix it. Don’t worry about it, just go to the salon. (cachina, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture)

How was it? Many people said they would be happy to come to the salon, even if it was free of charge. If you cut bangs by yourself, you are likely to make a mistake, so when your bangs grow long, have them cut at a salon!


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