Fine and soft hair. How can I get a permanent that will come off quickly and last?


It is disappointing when a perm comes off too soon after you have had it done. If your hair is prone to perms, what can you do to make the perm last longer? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.

This time, the question was, “My perm comes off easily, how can I make it last longer?”

My hair is fine and soft, and perms come off easily. I don’t know if I should make the waves tighter or if I am not taking good care of my hair. How can I make my perm last longer? By the way, I usually shampoo my hair in the morning, half dry and rub mousse into it.

Perms are easily removed because of the internal structure of the hair.

One of the respondents suggested that the reason perms come off so quickly is due to the internal structure of the hair.

The answer was “perms are applied by severing the internal bonds of the hair once, and when the hair is shaped with the two agents, it should be stored in a curly form as per the rod, but if the hair is fine, there is no room (gap) inside the hair because of the small area inside the hair, and it will come back quickly. This is quite important, so if the hairdresser does not understand this and applies a perm, the result will be a perm that comes off quickly.” (Tokyo/Meguro keep hair design)

Hair is in the shape of a glue roll. In your case, the rice portion of the glue roll is probably small. Therefore, the number of bonding parts is small, so the perm does not last long. In this case, the following measures can be considered

  1. Remove silicone because beautiful perms will not be created if there is too much silicone adhering to the hair.
  2. Apply a creep perm.
  3. Intermediate rinsing (rinsing with water) after perm 1 solution to strengthen the bonds.
    I recommend a hair stylist with lots of experience and knowledge of chemicals.” (Chiba/Nagareyama Hair Salon Wave, Nagareyama)

If your hair texture is such that perms are easily removed, digital perms are recommended.

Many respondents said that if the hair is fine and soft, and the perm is easily removed, a digital perm is recommended for long-lasting perms.

The most common answer was, “It’s good to have a tight wave, but with a digital perm/air wave, even a loose perm will last a long time.” (NYNY Hirakata, Hirakata, Osaka)

“If you want a loose, fluffy style, digital perm is probably easier to do. It also lasts longer. If you use a normal perm, it might last longer, but it might cause damage or dryness. (Tokyo/Setagaya Atelier ash Soshigaya-Okura)

“I think perms will last longer if you make them a little stronger than the perm you have in mind. If your hair is thin, the perm will tend to grow out when you dry it. Also, I think it is easier to maintain the perm if you apply heat from a hair dryer with weak wind from the bottom, not from the top, when drying. I think it is better to have a hot perm such as a digital perm or air wave to keep the perm from falling out.” (Tokyo/Musashino NORI)

When getting a perm, choose a salon that understands your hair quality well!

The respondents said that it is better to choose a salon that understands the quality of your hair well to reduce the burden on your hair.

First of all, choose a salon that understands your hair quality, bone structure, and lifestyle. If the idea is to make the waves tighter, the burden on the hair will increase. If you assess the quality of your hair and apply perms with the right chemicals for your hair type, you will get better results. The other thing to consider is shampoo. Shampoos with strong cleansing power or those rich in silicone may cause the waves to grow longer. (Tokyo/Setagaya gally)

What did you think? If your hair is thin and soft, the reason perms come off so quickly is due to the internal structure of the hair. Digital perms seem to work relatively well, so it would be a good idea to consult with a hair salon about this and other issues!

To make your perm last as long as possible

Finally, here are some tips to make your perm last as long as possible.

Normally, it is said that it takes about 1 to 2 months for a normal perm (cold perm) and 3 to 6 months for a digital perm before the perm is removed. Since you have taken the trouble to have your perm done, be careful of the following points to enjoy it for as long as possible.

Shampoo is not necessary, treatment is necessary

It is said, “You should not shampoo your hair on the day of a perm.” This is because the cleaning ingredients in shampoo weaken the effect of the perm solution. It is better not to wash your hair for 2 or 3 days if possible.

On the other hand, treatment is essential to make perms last longer. Treatments not only repair damage, but also moisturize. By taking care of the delicate state of your hair, you can make your perm last longer.

It’s important to take care of them before bed!

After shampooing at night, be sure to dry your hair thoroughly before going to bed. Wet hair is more susceptible to damage. Not only will it ruin your perm, but the cuticle will come off and damage your hair.

There are ways to dry your hair that will keep it adequately moist, so let’s take a look at some pointers.

First, press a towel against the skin to remove moisture. Next, wrap the towel around your hair and wipe away the absorbed moisture. Never scrub the hair. Use a hair dryer with the wind blowing on the skin to dry the hair, and stop when the hair is about 80% dry. The rest of the hair should be left to dry naturally, and go to bed when your hair is completely dry.

Depending on your lifestyle, it is not a good idea to go to bed without washing your hair. Styling products and other dirt can cause friction and damage to your hair. We recommend shampooing your hair at night before going to bed and lightly wetting your hair in the morning before styling.

Dryness is the great enemy of perms.

The biggest key to maintaining a perm is to prevent it from drying out. Especially in the case of regular perms, called cold perms, the perm is maintained in a wet state, so if the hair is dry, the perm will grow that much longer. It may be a good idea to be aware of the fact that “perms are not left in a stretched out state.”

If your hair is dried correctly and the right amount of moisture is maintained, the perm will not grow out and become halfway wavy. It will also be less likely to stick to your bed and will be easier to style in the morning.

To enjoy permed styles, find the right perm for you, and don’t neglect self-care!


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