Best Hair salon for Hair Coloring in Singapore

Do you remember that time when the most unusual color you see in Singapore is blonde? Apart from Singapore being an Asian country, most people in Singapore before weren’t as adventurous as today.

Nowadays, it is almost always normal to come across someone who has every color of the rainbow on her hair or the whole rainbow all at once. Vibrant hair colors are not as taboo anymore. More and more people in Singapore, regardless of their age, sex and race are being bolder, and embracing their freedom and creativity!

While that is a good thing, going down that colored hair road there are many other things you should consider. Things like, “will it damage the hair?”, “Will it dry up the hair strands?”, “Will it cause them to become brittle?”, “Will the hair look and feel like hay afterwards?”, “Will the color last? How long?”

Moreover, going down that road usually entails changes in lifestyle- hair care routine, hair care products, and number of times you would have to go back to the hair coloring salon in Singapore for a retouch or a quick fix.

If you are on the hunt for the best hair salon that can provide great hair color results (just like how you have always dreamed of), going to a Japanese hair salon is the safest idea. While you might think that it’s scary because their staff might all be Japanese people and there might be language barrier between you two and you might end leaving the unsatisfied, fret not. The story doesn’t end there.

Japanese people are known for their precision, attention to details, and professionalism. Japanese hair salons stand out from all the others because their experience, dedication, training background and developed skills are unlike any other.

Even when it comes to the products they use on their clients, they go the extra mile in researching and making sure everything they use are effective, innovative, safe and front-line.

Japanese hair stylists are not afraid to experiment. They are known for many various hair-coloring techniques while still keeping ground on the client’s preference. To them, customer always comes first. Their hospitality and respectful culture is always present no matter where they are in the world, and in this case, Singapore.

Japanese hair salons are armed with state-of-the-art equipment and high quality products; you wouldn’t enjoy any other type of salon after trying them. And they don’t just stop there; they make sure to always keep up with trends, new techniques and latest innovations through consistent workshops for their staff.

Nine By Sweet Basil is certainly a Japanese hair salon in Singapore worth trying. With our meticulous attention to detail and ensuring that your hair is well taken care off, we are indeed happy to serve you at our two branches. Contact us at +65 6337 3661 for City Hall branch or +65 6909 3767 for Liang Court branch.




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