Reasons To Try Japanese Hair Salon in Singapore

Travelling in Japan is great until you are in dire need of a salon visit while you’re at it. It is a scenario less likely to happen and to travel just to pay a visit at an authentic Japanese hair salon isn’t such a practical idea.

Fortunately, though, Tokyo is know to be a very stylish city where fashion icons from all over the world gather a lot and because of this, Japanese hair salon demands have increased across the globe. A great number of them have begun offering their services to many different parts of the world, Singapore for one.

The Japanese people are famous for their unparalleled attention to details, respectful culture, and advanced technologies, which applies to almost all of their industries, and yes, that includes salons. If you are still hesitant to visit and try a Japanese hair salon in Singapore, here are top reasons why trying them is a good choice to make!


Delicate and Impeccable Service

Going the extra mile to make sure the clients are well taken cared of are how Japanese hair stylists do business and they’re serious about it. They put great work and efforts into their craft. Japanese hair salons offer services that would usually be considered as “add-on” elsewhere. All these extra services that come along with a simple haircut are provided with no extra cost, tipping isn’t even a thing to them.



Proven qualification of hairstylists with impressive knowledge and skills

Unlike other races, hairstyling isn’t just a vocation course or training in Japan. Japanese hair stylists go through a serious and thorough training that takes multiple years. Tests are required before one can be a fully qualified stylist. On top of that, their cutting techniques, knowledge, and skills come are on point.

Japanese hair salons are also well equipped with cutting-edge technology to complement their staff’s skills.


Diverse and Specialized Salon

Just like everywhere else, Japanese salons started as full-service service salons where various services are offered in one place. Today, though, times have changed. Japanese salons have created specialized salons to meet every individual’s need. This way, they are able to deliver better service and results by simply focusing on one or a more services that are mostly related.

These top reasons why you should try a Japanese hair salon in Singapore all have one thing in common, that is the Japanese idea and culture called “Omotenashi”, or in English and simpler term “hospitality”. They live by it regardless of the industry they belong to, and it holds no less than true even to Japanese hair salons.

Nine By Sweet Basil, being a Japanese hair salon in Singapore, is one that ticks off each of these reasons, and is proud to serve its customers with integrity and creativity. Contact the hair specialists at +65 6337 3661 for City Hall branch or +65 6909 3767 for the Liang Court branch.



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