How To Get The Best Haircut In Singapore

There is nothing worse than ending up with a haircut you hate, most especially if you have spent a great lot of money for it! It can be traumatizing. One horrible haircut can stop you from getting another one for a very long time. But you don’t be petrified to take that seat in the salon for a trim or even a full transformation, especially with these tips we’ve rounded up to ensure you will never experience hair disaster ever again! Get your best haircut in Singapore with these 6 easy tips:


Background Screening

Consider yourself as the head recruiter when looking for a salon. Remember, a good hair salon is one of the main keys in achieving fabulous haircuts. Finding a salon is easy! Thank the gods for Internet; it is now easier to research for different salons online. You can even find real reviews from real people who have experienced their services.

Just as when you were in school, doing your homework before taking that seat in the salon can do you a lot of good. You will more or less know if you are in good hands or not even before you get to the place!


Save a picture on your phone and learn to trust

Taking along a photo of the haircut or hairstyle you want to duplicate definitely helps! You will help your Hair stylist’s work easier when you do this. However, do not forget to realistic with your “peg”. You should always remember that your hair stylist is a pro when it comes to hair so learn to trust when he will have to deviate a little from your haircut peg.


Be detailed with your preferences

While trusting your hair stylist for the perfect haircut, you should be clear as to how you expect to be served and as to how far you are comfortable with him cutting and styling your hair for you.


Telling your hair stylist things like how often you wash your hair, or blow dry, or treat your hair, how far he can cut it, and where you hair parts. Do not be shy to speak up, you will be the one to reap what you sow and while your hairstylist is an expert, the end goal is for you to be get out of the salon happy and satisfied!


Sit in the most relaxed position for you

This tip is very basic. We all know that sitting in the salon hair for an hour or so could be a little boring and a pain in the bum. It is so tempting to tilt the head to either sides while reading a magazine or browsing through our phones, but you have to consider that this makes your haircutter’s job harder.

Sit straight, find your most comfortable position and enjoy!


Heed suggestions 

It is normal that your hair stylist will give you product recommendations after your haircut. Do not take it lightly and put it all down the sales rabbit hole. What these hair stylists offer, while usually a sales pitch, holds much truth too. Most of these offerings and tips are gems of hair upkeeps advice, so take note!

You can always buy an alternative, shall you prefer. Just don’t close your ears and doors to what the pointers your hair stylist is giving you.


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