5 Gorgeous Hair Colors You Must Try This 2018

If you find yourself reading this article, you are without a doubt one of us. One of us who fantasize about this new hair color craze going around online called “unicorn hair”. You are one of us who envy people with flawlessly dyed locks.

It may be over exaggerating to say there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about switching up our current hair colors, but the urge is there almost on the daily, right?

Changing hair colors can be quite demanding. Not only does it require strong, healthy tresses, it also requires bravery and the best stylists in town!

If you’re looking for new hair color trends to fantasize about and finally (hopefully) try, these hair colors in Singapore is a sure way to keep up with trends! Here are 8 gorgeous looks done by us here at Nine By Sweet Basil:

The trendy vibrant hair colors filling our Instagram pages are great, but the number of people sticking and turning to brown remains. It’s easier to manage and doesn’t require as many visits to the salon for few magic retouches.

On the side note, brown doesn’t always mean it’s boring. In fact, brown can be a lot of fun too! Throwing different shades as highlights or lowlights like coffee, toffee and caramel inspired colors can easily make your brown hair a little more adventurous!

And if a little more adventurous is what you want to be, it is always great to try ash tones like this one. Lighter highlights using creamy coffee, gray or cookie shades of color are great pairs for your brown hair!

Reds are great for people with fair skin tones. Don’t be afraid to be exploratory with your choice of color. Just take a look at this perfect combination of black and red- a black cherry cake inspired, we say!

Reds colors that are inching towards pinkish, rosey scarlet shades are eye-catching and exudes festive aura!

Some variations of red tones include combining them with ashy, millennial pink which is a great way to keep up with the popular trends of this year!



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