Achieve The Hairstyle That You Want at a Japanese Hair Salon In Singapore With These Tips

Have you been to a Japanese salon? If not yet, you should know they are amazing. Apart from their salons having gorgeous interior, you can also count on their stylists to be well skilled.

You can also expect great perks such as being pampered and served wine or tea and being attended to one by one by your stylist. Japanese people aren’t known for being respectful for nothing! They know how to give that safe blanket and exemplary in service and precision at what they do!

However, there are, of course, other reasons why there are still a number of people that are not interested in going to a Japanese hair salon. For one, and we speak generally, trying a new salon anywhere can be stressful. It’s like we were programmed to just stick to our old salons, even their style and knowledge is outdated by now. Another is, the language barrier. It can also be stressful to communicate in a foreign language, most especially if we’re talking about hair.

But these reasons are solvable problems! One does not have to linger to these worries because, whether you are just a tourist looking for a unique and new experience, or a woman coming of age who wants to explore another world of hairstyle, you can use this as a simple guide in helping your trip to a Japanese salon as smooth as a baby!

Know a few Japanese Words

You may think it is too much work to learn a few new vocabularies in a totally different language, but learning something new is good.

It may help you not only achieve that kawaii Japanese hairstyle you’ve been wanting to have for so long, it can also benefit you in the long run, for work or leisure.

Most Japanese hair salons in Singapore have hairstylist who can fluently communicate in the English language, so that should make it light for you! But knowing even just a few words from their language could just put them in the best mood to serve you even better!



haircut カット (katto)
trim  トリミング (torimingu)
layer  レイヤー (reiya̅)
shampoo シャンプー (shanpu̅)
color ヘアカラー (heakara̅)
highlights ハイライト (hairaito)
perm パーマ (pa̅ma)
straightening treatment ストレイトパーマ (sutoreito pa̅ma)
conditioning treatment  トリートメント (tori̅tomento)
blow out ブロー (buro̅)
blow dry ドライ (dorai)
style setting セット (setto)
curl カール (ka̅ru)
make-up メイク (meiku)
bangs/fringe 前髪 (まえがみ, maegami)
blond hair 金髪 (きんぱつ, kinpatsu)
red hair 赤毛 (あかげ, akage)
brown hair 茶髪 (ちゃぱつ, chapatsu)
black hair 黒髪 (くろかみ, kuropatsu)




thick 多い(おおい, ooi)
thin 少ない(すくない, sukunai)
long 長い (ながい, nagai)
short 短い (みじかい, migikai)
bright 明るい (あかるい, akarui)
dark 暗い (くらい, kurai)



to shampoo シャンプーする (shanpu̅ suru)
to blow out ブローする (buro̅ suru)
to set セットする (setto suru)
to apply make-up メイクする (meiku suru)



Bring A Picture of Your Preferred Style


Just the same with any salons in the world, bringing with you a clear photo of the hairstyle that you want will make everything easier not only for you, but also for your stylist.


Japanese people are known for their impressive precision skills. By simply showing a photo of the your preferred hairstyle will give your Japanese hairstylist the best idea of what he should do to your hair.


Know the Paying Terms

Even though you are going to a salon in Singapore, which just happens to be a Japanese one, it is always safe to ask if they accept credit cards. You see, in Japan, not every establishment accepts credit card.

While most Singapore establishments accept credit cards, it is better to keep everything in check. Ask the receptionist or call to ask in advance.

It is a business culture in Japan to not give and receive tips. While western countries and other Asian countries have fully embraced this paying culture, Japanese people still hasn’t. It is because everything is included in the bill already!

But since you are in Singapore, it is always nice to know everything beforehand. The Japanese salon you are going to may already have adapted to the case here in Singapore. Feel free to ask everything you need to know from the receptionist! It’s going to help your Japanese hair salon visit a perfect one!



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