Hair Beauron

Hair Beauron

Today, I would like to introduce this hair flat iron that we’re using at NINE, the Hair Beauron.

What’s good about this Hair Beauron?

Hair basically consist of proteins. It becomes hardened when it’s heated up. Just like egg, which solidify when cooked.
If your hair, like egg, heated up everyday using the flat iron at high temperature, then it become hardened, dried and followed by split ends.

As for Hair Beauron, it features bio programming, and it’s made in specific ceramics.

When moisture and proteins in hair come together (with the effect of bio programming through the ceramics), it strengthens the proteins.
As a result, there’s no damage from the heat, and the more you use it, the more moisture you have in your hair. This is amazing, isn’t it?

This is a flat iron that makes your hair nicer, as you use it more often.

Now you can buy it in NINE too.

The voltage is set according to Singapore standard. No voltage converter is needed for this product.









Thank you to our dear customer.


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Japanese hair salon- beauty hair salon

NINE is the salon where good hair dressers are gathered.

The hairstylists were in charge of famous celebrities and entertainers. They also took part in well-known events, like Tokyo Beauty Collection.

Hair color ingredients used are popular brands in Japan like ILLUMINA color, THROW color, MUCOTA color, KOLESTON color, PRAVANA color. The hair condition and damage are analysed carefully, while creating the desired color.
Being very particular with our hair rebonding quality, the original NINE made in japan products, which consists of 15 types are catered to each and every person according to their hairstyle, hair condition, and damage.
You’ll see the difference and experience a never before hair rebonding result with us.



Organic products as well as MILBON products are used for Hair spa.

Dirt and odour from the scalp are completely removed effectively.

You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated,!Highly recommended for relieving some pent up stress and tiredness!

MUCOTA treatment, and TOKIO treatment are used for hair treatment.

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Please do come and experience top quality skills of Japan!




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