6 Short Haircut Ideas And Where To Get Them In Singapore

Are you toying with the idea of chopping your hair but afraid to dive in to it? We can totally relate! Cutting your hair is a big and serious commitment after all. However, going for a shorter hairstyle can be a liberating experience because short hair requires lesser maintenance!

We’ve collated 6 different haircuts and styles to help you decide once and for all! You may just find the perfect style that suits your lifestyle and personality!


Shapeless Short Bob

best haircut in Singapore

This hairstyle has made noise on the Internet and never actually left. Many outgoing women favor its versatility because it’s easy to style, and still looks good even when you don’t lift a finger to actually fix it.

This haircut is perfect for most hair types and can be styled simply with a curling iron for just a few minutes.


Rock Star Pixie Cut 

best haircut in Singapore

This one’s the perfect choice for women who are more edgy. It gives emphasis to one’s facial features and allows them to divert attention to the accessories one decides to wear, shall there be any.

The growing out process could be a little difficult but the look will make you look past the challenge.


The Female Pompadour

best haircut in Singapore

This fashion-forward haircut is slaying the red carpet- from Miley Cyrus, to Charlize Theron and Pink!

It is very low maintenance and offers variety of choices for styling. It is also very easy to style because only a little bit of hair is long. It also allows you to be a little thrifty when it comes to your hair care and hair styling products budget!


Asymmetrical Pixie

best haircut in Singapore

Just like the rest of the haircut ideas in this list, this one’s pretty easy to style too. It’s low maintenance and the best thing about it is how it grows out softly- easy and won’t bug you about bad hair days.


Straight Cut with Bangs

best haircut in Singapore

If you’re not into super duper short haircuts, this one’s the best one to go for! It gives off a perfect combination of sleek and sweet look.

It suits almost every face shape and doesn’t need too much styling too!


Long One-Side Bob

best haircut in Singapore

For stylish women but do not have the luxury of time to style their hair, this haircut is the answer to your prayers!

It only needs brushing to the insides of your face to create a voluminous look, or a few steaks of hair iron if you’re going for the sleek look! It doesn’t come with bangs, that make it a lot easier and faster to fix!


You do not need to build your glam team from ground up at your beck and call like these celebrities just to achieve the perfect hairstyle. Best haircuts are achieved through picking only the best hair specialists- an experienced stylist and a salon that is well equipped and is particular about clients’ needs and preferences.

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With this list, we hope you find the best one that suits your perfectly! Go ahead and take the plunge! You’re reading this now because you know your hair needs a makeover. Book an appointment here!







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