Surprisingly difficult! How to blow-dry short hair


Short hair is easy to care for, requiring little time to wash and blow-dry. However, it actually takes some finesse when trying to blow-dry hair carefully. Here we will show you how to blow-dry short hair, which is surprisingly difficult, and how to style it to keep it looking good after blow-drying.


Is blow-drying necessary for short hair?
Before you start blow-drying
How to blow-dry short hair – Part 1.
How to blow-dry short hair – Part 2: Dry the area around the bangs.
How to blow-dry short hair – Part 3: Styling
Finish with easy styling using wax
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Do I need to blow-dry my short hair?

Blowing with a hair dryer is meant to dry wet hair to reduce damage caused by friction and to moderately dry the scalp, which is damp and prone to bacterial growth.

Long-haired people will naturally feel the need to blow dry their hair using a hair dryer because their hair contains a large amount of moisture, but what about short-haired people?

If you think that your hair dries quickly even if you leave it to dry naturally, and you are not worried about damage to the ends, you may be skipping the blow-drying process, or you may be doing it yourself in an unorthodox way.

I don’t mean to be too formal about how to blow-dry short hair, but if you take into account styling and hair arrangement afterwards, blow-drying short hair is surprisingly complex.

And because it dries quickly and the length of the hair is short, it may be more difficult than with long hair or even more difficult than with long hair to set the styling the way you want it.

Before you start blowing

Prepare a hair dryer, blow mist (or water), and a hairbrush. Towel dry your hair after washing, and if your hair is dry, moisten it slightly with a blow-dryer mist. Spray the mist mainly on the roots rather than the ends of the hair and rub it in lightly with your hands.

How to blow-dry short hair – Part 1. 80% dry with warm air max.

First, turn the hair dryer on warm air and set the air volume to max. Tilt your face forward and direct the hot air from the back of the hair dryer. Blow-dry the roots of your hair lightly with the fingers of your free hand, blowing from the back, right back, left back, and basically from the back to the front.

When the hair is 80% dry, it is OK. If you over-dry, you will “over-dry” your hair, which damages it and makes it difficult to style afterwards.

How to blow-dry short hair – Part 2.

The bangs and sides of the hair are probably almost completely dry, but once again, blow dry the hair from the top of the head, loosening the bangs from side to side with fingers.

If the bangs are split on both sides or are starting to get frizzy, apply the hair dryer from the left side while sweeping the entire bangs to the right, then reverse the direction and apply the hair dryer. This will create a natural flow.

The bangs are the most sensitive part of the hair and may be damaged by prolonged exposure to the hair dryer. Be careful not to shake the hair dryer or leave it on for long periods of time. Finally, switch from warm air to cool air to lightly cool down the entire hair and close the open cuticles.

How to blow-dry short hair – Part 3. styling

Finally, use a hairbrush to style the hair. If styling products are to be applied, it is recommended to do so here.

To add volume to the top, lift a section of hair from the top and apply heat from the hair dryer from behind for a few seconds, then hold it in place for a few seconds after the hair dryer is turned off until the heat cools, then release it. Similarly, for areas where you want to add volume, apply the hair dryer, hold the hand or brush until it cools down, and then release.

On the other hand, for areas that you want to reduce volume such as the collar, apply the hair dryer while smoothing the hair with a brush, and hold it down with your hands until it cools down.

For beautiful styling, it is important to create a shape when blow-drying. The process of warming the hair to create the shape and then cooling it down to fix it in place should be done well. If the shape is created by blow-drying, the short hair will look stylish enough without styling with hair styling products.

Finished with easy styling using wax

After blow-drying to shape the hair, use a styling product to finish the look, if necessary. Here are some tips for styling short hair using hair wax.

  1. take a small amount of wax and spread it thinly on the palm of your hand.
    The amount of wax should be about the size of a soybean. If too much is applied, the weight of the oil will cause volume loss, so the key is to take a small amount and gradually increase the amount. Spread a thin layer of wax from palm to fingertips evenly until the wax becomes transparent. 2.
  2. rub it into the hair
    Rub the wax into the hair from the bottom to the top. Rub it into the back, top, and sides of the hair in that order. Create volume around the top and make the hair stand up as a whole. 3.

Add volume to the top while holding down the collar and sides.
From the overall standing up state, hold down the collar and sides of the hair. Create volume at the top to give the hair a fuller look. This will give a small face effect. Shape the hair while keeping a good balance. 4.

  1. trim the bangs
    Finally, use a little bit of wax left on your hands to shape the bangs. Too much wax on the bangs will make them look unnatural, so touch the bangs last.

By adjusting the flow of hair at the blow-drying stage, adding volume at the top, and keeping the collar and sides under control, you can style your hair beautifully without using an iron or a blow-dryer. Whether or not styling products are used, blow-drying is an important process that should not be neglected.

Short hair can be easily arranged with a little bit of frizz, volume, and flow on each part. It takes little time and effort once you get used to it, so learn basic blow-drying first, and then experiment with different styling arrangements.


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