How to fix a split bangs! How to fix your hairline? How to dry your bangs!

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Every morning we touch our bangs in front of the mirror. Do you have the problem that your bangs split even after wetting them with water or blow-drying them, or that you always end up with the same split ends? Before you give up and say, “It’s just a habit,” please review how to care for and set your bangs.


Causes of split bangs and incorrect hair care
Basics of how to dry hair
3 points
How to fix sleeping habit?
How to make bangs without split ends
What should I do if my bangs split in the evening?
If you can’t help it, consult a hair salon.

Causes of split bangs and incorrect hair care

If you have split bangs, do you let your hair dry naturally after taking a bath or wait a little while before applying a hair dryer? The cause of split bangs is a “parting root growth habit. If the scalp at the hairline is left to dry naturally, the kinks will appear as they are.

The key to eliminating kinks is to “blow-dry your hair within one minute of getting out of the bath. Make it a habit to blow-dry your hair while it is still wet.

Basics of Drying

When drying, start from the right side. Direct the air from the top of the whirlpool downwards. Move the hair to the left side as if you are trying to destroy the hairline.
Once the hair has dried to a certain extent, blow dry from the left side to the right side, and then directly down. Dry the hair so that the hair is not split.
Most people tend to grow their hair on the right side because of the direction of the whorl. If you have a right side hairline, try reversing the above left-right procedure. If you have a right side curl, pull the hair to the left side, and if you have a left side curl, pull the hair to the right side while drying.

For those whose hair is split down the middle toward both sides, apply the hair dryer alternately from both sides for the same amount of time.

It is also effective to apply the hair dryer while the hair is still wet, while firmly rubbing the kinks to the left and right with your fingers. Try to imitate that action that hairdressers often do after shampooing at beauty salons. The trick is to take a section larger than the width of the bangs to avoid creating an unnatural parting between the hair and the sideburns.

In any case, it is important to know where the bangs part and your hair growth habit.

Three key points

  1. dry within 1 minute
    The skin is very dry within 2 minutes after a bath. The keratin will lose its flexibility and become kinksy. It is necessary to crush the kinks before this happens. In addition, because bangs are shorter than the back of the hair, they dry more easily and are the first to dry. Back and sides should be done later. 2.

Do not blow air from above or below.
Since you are drying hair to remove kinks at the roots, air should be blown from above. If you blow from the bottom, your hair will stand up against the wind. If you have “bangs that float,” just be careful with this and it will be much improved. 3.

Towel turbans are a no-no.
Do not wear a towel turban, as it tends to create strange kinks. Use a towel to wipe away moisture from the sides and back of the hair.

How do I fix my sleeping habits?

If it does not work, we recommend taking the plunge and wetting the roots to reset the kinks. You can fix your sleeping habit in the same way as you blow-dry your hair after taking a bath. Many people may not have time in the morning to blow-dry their hair with a little bit of water, but it is better to wet your hair thoroughly to fix it immediately.

How to create bangs that don’t break.

The strength of each person’s peculiarities varies. If it doesn’t work, try something extra.

Hold the split ends with a single pin and leave it for about 5 minutes.
Adjust with styling products
Spray to prevent drying.
Apply a little weak wax before drying, or use a hard spray on a comb and apply it to the inner roots of the fringe to make it easier to set. Since kinks tend to appear when hair is dry, coat the surface of the hair with a spray.

What if it cracks in the evening?

You can set it well in the morning, but in the evening it breaks into bunches. If this is the case, it is most likely not due to frizzy hair. It is because sweat and sebum from the forehead have adhered to the bangs, causing them to become sticky.

To prevent bangs from becoming bunched up in the evening, it is important to first correct the hair growth habit. A light spray from behind the bangs will help keep them in place in the morning.

Another option is to apply baby powder to the forehead and bangs. This will absorb sebum and sweat and reduce stickiness.

If it is absolutely impossible, consult with a hair salon.

Having the cut line reworked from the top or having the bangs cut with more depth will reduce the likelihood of split ends. If there are whirlpools near the bangs, they are inevitably prone to breakage, so another method is to apply a light flowing perm to the bangs.

Hair stylists are professionals in assessing the characteristics and habits of a person’s hair. If you want to make it easier because it takes time to set and straighten your hair, or if you just can’t do anything! If you want to make your hair easier because it takes time to set and straighten your hair, or if you just can’t seem to do anything!


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