Let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of wig and choose the wig that’s right for you.


You want to buy a wig to solve your hair problems, but you don’t know which one to choose… Many people have wig problems that are difficult to discuss with others. Since every wig has its merits and demerits, here is a summary of them.

Human hair? Artificial hair? Advantages and disadvantages of each hair type

The first step in creating a wig is to decide on the quality of the hair. In the past, there were two choices: human hair or artificial hair, but in recent years, mixed hair, which incorporates the advantages of both, has become more common.

The advantage of human hair is that it is made from real human hair, which blends naturally with the skin and is easy to style. On the other hand, the disadvantage of human hair is that it tangles when immersed in water, and requires a lot of skill when washing hair. Another feature is that it is more expensive than artificial hair.

Artificial hair is resistant to fading and reasonably priced, but it cannot be colored or permed, so it should be avoided by those who want to broaden their fashion horizons.

Advantages and disadvantages of high-profile mixed hair

Mixed hair, which incorporates the advantages of both human and artificial hair, is attracting attention. It has strong resistance to water, which is considered a demerit of human hair, and the difficulty of styling, which was a demerit of artificial hair, has also been resolved.

Although it seems to be full of merits, the ratio of human hair to artificial hair varies widely, and the quality of mixed hair differs greatly depending on the ratio. The price tends to be reasonable compared to human hair, but good quality hair can be rather expensive.

In addition, only the human hair part discolors as time goes by, so regular maintenance is essential.

Two mounting types: detachable or continuous mounting.

Other than hair quality, the mounting method must also be selected. There are two major types: the removable type, which can be put on and taken off by oneself, and the continuous type, which can only be taken off for maintenance.

The biggest advantage of the removable type is that it can be removed by the user, and since it does not require time-consuming hair washing, the advantage is that the scalp can be kept clean. On the other hand, the disadvantage of the continuous-attachment type is that it tends to come off or slip off more easily than the continuous-attachment type.

The continuous-attachment type is sewn to the skin, so it fits well and is comfortable to wear, but it also requires frequent maintenance. This is difficult for those who cannot go to the salon so often.

There are different types of continuous attachment systems.

The most widely known continuous attachment type is the braided type, in which the hair is attached to the skin, but there is also a type called an adhesive wig. Because the artificial scalp is sewn to the skin, it is quite sturdy, and the advantage of this type is that it is less obvious to others that it is a wig than the braided type.

However, the scalp is attached to the scalp, which can damage the skin, so people with sensitive skin need to be careful. A special cleaner is needed to remove it, and maintenance takes more time.

After understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each, look for the wig that seems most suitable for your body and lifestyle.


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