I want to prevent my hair from standing up on the sides! Is there a better way other than cutting?


Is there any other way to prevent hair from standing up on the sides when it grows longer, other than cutting it frequently? We asked hairdressers across the country to answer this question.


I want to prevent my hair from standing up on the sides, but is there any other way than cutting it?
The best way to prevent sideburns from standing up is to cut your hair frequently.
Prevent sideburns from standing up by styling your hair.
Let’s grow it out a little and change to a style where hair on the side doesn’t stand up.
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This time, the question was, “I want to prevent my hair from standing up on the sides, is there any other way than to cut it?”

I am having the sides cut short, but as they grow out they stand up. I am currently using gel/wax to force it to sleep, but as time goes by, it stands up. Is there any other way but to cut it frequently?

The best way to prevent hair from standing up on the sides is to cut it frequently

Many respondents said that for men’s short styles, there is no way to prevent hair from standing up on the sides except to cut it frequently.

For men with short styles, if their hair stands up too quickly, there is no other way than to cut it frequently.

Prevent hair from standing up on the sides by styling.

Many respondents suggested that the best way to control hair growth on the sides of the hair is to dry it in a different way.

When the hair is completely wet to the ground, use a hair dryer to create the shape of the finished image while drying the hair in the direction you want it to lie. As soon as the hair is dry to a certain degree, switch the hair dryer to cold air and cool it by applying cold air while holding down the part of the hair that will swell up with your hand. The puffiness should subside a little more than if you do nothing. For styling, apply wax to the areas that you do not want to puff up, starting close to the skin, and then apply a little gel mixed with water mainly to the ends of the hair. Once the overall image is set, finish with a holding spray. (Kanagawa/Higashi-Kanagawa hair design mou)

“When you dry your hair with a hair dryer, I think it’s a good idea to let it lie along the flow of the hair. (Aichi/Nagoya ALPHA CUT, Fashion One)

Spray a little hard spray on the ends of the hair and hold the hair in place with your hands and use the heat from the hair dryer to harden the hair. (Shimokitazawa gally, Tokyo)

“Hold the sides of your hair down with hairpins while it’s still wet before drying. After drying, remove the pins at the end to completely hold the hair down. Then, fix the hair in that condition and you’ve got a perfect look.” (Tokyo/Ikebukuro ROULAND)

Let’s grow it out a bit and change to a style where the hair doesn’t stand up on the sides.

Some respondents indicated that they can prevent their hair from standing up on the sides by changing the style itself, for example, by growing it out a little until the sides do not stand up and perming it, or by choosing a short bob style.

The respondents said, “If you grow it out a little longer and perm it, you can create a style that you don’t have to cut often. You can also do perms even if your hair is short.” (Tokyo/Ebisu TsuNE)

“As for the cutting method, I would go for a two-block style and keep the length difference from the top extreme to keep a good balance. Try to grow it to a length where it doesn’t stand up. Another option besides cutting is to let it grow a little longer and perm it.” (Tokyo/Sugamo Community Salon To Wa Sugamo)

“If you choose a short bob style, the layers of longer hair on the top and sides will hold back the rise of shorter hair, making it easier to style. It will give you a slightly subdued look, so try changing it up with bangs.” (Tokyo/Harajuku, Hair make-up, Seaja)

What did you think? If you prefer to keep your hair short, you can either cut it more often or use styling tricks such as holding it back with pins when drying it and using a hair dryer. If it is too much trouble to cut your hair frequently, it may be easier to let it grow a little longer and perm it. If you have any problems with your current style, please visit a hair salon for advice!


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