Preventing Hair Loss with Shampoo


Hair changes on a daily basis. If you start to notice hair loss, it is important to review your scalp and hair care regimen. Here are some ways you can prevent hair loss with shampoo.

If you are concerned about hair loss, review your shampoo.

Hair loss in women can have many causes, including hormonal balance changes due to menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, diet and stress. The first thing that must be done when hair loss becomes a concern is to review your daily shampoo. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors one by one.

Choosing a shampoo that keeps the scalp healthy is the first step in preventing hair loss.

Shampoo is not just for removing dirt from the hair. It is necessary to remove excess sebum and dirt from the scalp and to promote blood circulation through its massaging effect to keep the scalp healthy. Therefore, choosing the right shampoo for your scalp is the first step in preventing hair loss. Below are some of the best shampoos for preventing hair loss.

  1. Mild detergent shampoo using amino acid-based detergents
    Higher alcohol-based shampoos containing petroleum-based synthetic surfactants such as sodium laureth sulfate are highly irritating and their high degreasing power removes even the sebum necessary for the scalp, making them unsuitable for those concerned about hair loss. Shampoos with mild cleansing power using amino acid-based cleansing ingredients are recommended.
  2. Shampoo with mild acidity, the same as that of healthy hair and scalp
    Soap shampoos are popular among naturalists because of their simple ingredients, but they too have strong degreasing power and may cause scalp dryness. Therefore, if you are concerned about hair loss, it is safer to choose a shampoo that is mildly acidic, the same as healthy hair and scalp.

Three ways to prevent hair loss with shampoo

Once you have selected the best shampoo for preventing hair loss, the next step you want to take is to prevent hair loss with shampoo. Below are three ways you can use shampoo to prevent hair loss.

Wash your hair at night if possible.
Some people shampoo their hair after waking up in the morning, but because there is not much time in the morning, there is a tendency to leave hair unwashed or rinsed. Shampooing at night is recommended if possible, as nighttime is the time when growth hormones are actively secreted and scalp turnover is promoted.

  1. Practice the correct shampooing method
    To prevent hair loss, it is important to learn the correct shampooing method. Follow the steps below to make sure you shampoo properly while keeping the following points in mind.

1)Pre-wash with lukewarm water to remove dust and dirt from your hair in advance.
(2) Put a 500-yen coin-sized amount of shampoo on the palm of your hand and lather it on your hand beforehand.
3) Massage your scalp from the collar to the top of your head, lifting your scalp as you wash.
4) Rinse carefully, doubling the amount of time spent washing.

  1. Incorporate deep cleansing once a week.
    As we sweat profusely during the rainy season and into summer, sebum production increases. If you are concerned about sticky scalp, it is a good idea to deep cleanse your scalp once a week. We recommend an oil-based cleanser that floats and removes sebum stains. It is easy to use, as all you need to do is apply it to a dry scalp before shampooing, massage gently for about 3 minutes, and rinse with hot water.

Use shampoo effectively to prevent hair loss and keep your hair beautiful!


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