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While wigs are an easy way to combat thinning hair, we are concerned that they will not be discovered. Simply buying a high quality wig is not enough to ensure peace of mind. In this issue, we will provide tips on how to avoid being spotted, focusing on the types of wigs and how to wear them.

How do I choose a wig that won’t be noticed?

Non-heat-resistant wigs are shiny and tend to look unnatural. Therefore, when purchasing a wig, make sure it is heat-resistant. Another cause of being easily spotted is the color. If it is too bright, it will look uncomfortable, so it is best to use a color that is slightly darker than your natural hair.

Conversely, if it is strangely too dark, it may be discovered, so care must be taken to find the right balance. Another thing to consider is the type of wig’s whip. A wig with a parting from the forehead to the whimsical part of the head is best for a natural look. In order to choose a wig that will not be easily spotted, pay attention to three key points: luster, color, and the hairline.

Avoid pin mounting as much as possible.

There are three common wig attachment methods. Pin attachment is easy to remove, but the fit is considered to be thin. Moreover, the gap between the pins on the front side tends to make the hairline look unnatural and easily exposed. On the other hand, tape fixation has the advantage of being removable as well as stable.

However, the drawback is that some people have skin problems with it. There is also a type of wig that is attached by weaving natural hair into the wig. They are highly secure, but the disadvantage is that they cannot be removed easily.

If you do not want your wig to be easily recognized, try to avoid wearing it with pins and choose the method that suits you best from two types: tape or weave.

Do not use a damaged wig.

Even if you purchase a wig that is less likely to be noticed and understand how to wear it, it is no substitute for the quality of the wig. We recommend replacing the wig when it becomes damaged. However, you want to use it for a long time. Take care of it carefully so that it will not be damaged as much as possible.

When not in use, hang it on a special hanger to prevent the ends and shape from becoming frizzy. To wash, first soak the wig in warm water mixed with shampoo for about 10 minutes. Then wash it with a special brush and rinse it off.

Then soak it in lukewarm water mixed with rinse for about 20 minutes. Finally, wipe it with a towel, apply a hair dryer, and brush it to complete the process.

Other techniques to remember

If a wig inevitably makes your head look bigger, try using a swimming cap as a base instead of a special net. On the other hand, if you are concerned about the flatness of your head, you can create volume by crumpling it up once and then shaping the surface by hand.

You may also find that your bangs feel heavy after purchase. If so, adjust them with a pair of scissors. Make a bunch of hair and cut the middle and the ends once with scissors.

To avoid being identified as a wig, it depends on your ability to take care of the details. Use this as a reference when doing a wig.


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