Now that’s what I call a frizzy haired man! Survive the humidity with a two-block!


People with frizzy hair have a tendency to have their hair swell to the sides on humid days. However, the two-block haircut may help reduce side pomposity. Here are some specific hairstyles for the two-block haircut and points to keep in mind when getting a two-block haircut.

Things that people with frizzy hair tend to have problems with.
Hair of people with frizzy hair tends to spread easily, especially on humid days. When the hair on the sides puffs up, it is difficult to style it freely, and in many cases, it looks as if it has exploded.

Another point that frizzy hair tends to suffer from is that it takes time to set. If you choose a hairstyle that requires careful setting, you may not be able to set it to your satisfaction if you do not have enough time to spare.

However, if you choose your hairstyle carefully, even if you have frizzy hair, you can not only accentuate your frizzy hair, but also reduce the time required for setting it.

The two-block haircut can reduce side pomposity.
The two-block haircut can be used to accentuate frizzy hair and also require less time to set. If you choose a short two-block haircut, you can easily control the side pilling caused by frizzy hair.

If you prefer medium-length hair, a mash-based two-block haircut will make it easier to make the most of your frizzy hair. If the amount of hair on the sides is reduced, it will prevent the hair from bulging to the sides to some extent, even with medium hair.

If you have frizzy hair, choosing a two-block will give you a carefree, permed look. Both short and medium length hair can prevent side puffs, so if you have frizzy hair, consider getting a two-block.

For the two-block, have a clear image of the finished look.
Depending on the quality of your hair and the amount of hair on the sides, a two-block may cause your hair to float. In particular, people with curly hair that bounces outward should be careful, as their hair tends to float. Also, if the two-block hairstyle is worn when the hair is just starting to grow out, there is a risk that the hair will spread when it grows out.

Therefore, when choosing a two-block hairstyle for people with frizzy hair, it is important to have a clear image of the finished shape. It is important to imagine not only the finished shape immediately after the cut, but also how the hair will look when it grows out.

We recommend that you have your two-block haircut at a hair salon.
The two-block haircut is characterized by the fact that it is difficult to follow up afterwards; once it is cut, it is difficult to change it to another haircut, so it is basically recommended to have it cut at a hair salon.

It is recommended that you imagine the finished hairstyle yourself and consult with the hairdresser as you proceed with the cut, which will help prevent mistakes. When requesting a cut, it is important to communicate your intentions clearly.

Although there are risks involved in the two-block haircut, there are also advantages, such as the fact that it is easy for those with frizzy hair to control the bulges on the sides and to use frizzy hair as an accent. If you have frizzy hair, consider the two-block option.

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