Which are you? How to know if you have bristly or soft hair


Some people can tell whether they have bristly or soft hair by their appearance, while others find it difficult to tell which is which. In this article, we summarize the characteristics of both stiff and soft hair and how to easily distinguish between the two. We also recommend styling products for each hair type.

Get to know the bristles and soft hair by feel and look!

You can distinguish between bristly and soft hair by the feel and appearance of the texture of your hair to the touch. First, touch the root of your hair. If it feels coarse to the touch, you have stiff hair; if it feels smooth, you have soft hair. Next, try wrapping a strand of hair around your finger for 10 seconds.

If it immediately returns to its original shape, you have stiff hair. If the curled shape remains in your hair for a while, you have soft hair. Also, pay attention to the texture of the hair when it is exposed to light while it is dry. If it is shiny, you have stiff hair; if it is moist, you have soft hair.

Way to easily check your hair quality!

You have checked the feel and appearance of your hair, but are not sure. If this is the case, try a simple check method by pulling out a strand of hair. First, hold the hair you pulled out in your hand and lay it down. If it bends downwards, it is soft hair. If it remains almost intact and does not bend downwards, it is stiff hair.

Next, hold both ends of the hair with your right and left hands and pull sideways. If the hair stretches sideways, it is soft hair, and if it snaps when force is applied, it is bristly hair. Another characteristic of the bristly hair type is that many people have a large amount of hair and it is also often frizzy.

Some people have hair texture between stiff and soft.

Some of you may have checked it out and found that your hair is characterized as stiff in some respects and soft in others. Hair texture varies from person to person in a thousand ways. It also changes with age and the amount of stress placed on the hair. Therefore, there is not necessarily a clear distinction between stiff and soft hair. Naturally, some people have hair texture in between.

If you are not sure, one way to find out is to ask your hair stylist, who is a hair professional. If you have an in-between hair type, choose a styling product that matches the hairstyle you envision.

Recommended styling products by hair type

Once you know whether you have stiff or soft hair, choose a styling product that matches your hair type. People with soft hair have less ability to keep their hair style in place than those with stiff hair. Therefore, use a styling product that can create a strong hairstyle.

We recommend dry or clay-based waxes with low oil content. This helps maintain hair volume. It is also advisable to use a hair dryer or iron to create shape before applying styling products.

If you have stiff hair, you need to hold your hair together with less volume, so a hard type of wax is recommended.

Once you know whether you have stiff or soft hair, it will be much easier to style your hair. If you are having trouble setting your hair, please check your hair quality using this method.


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