My hair is twisted! What are the causes and characteristics of twisted hair?


Have you ever heard the term “twisted hair”? It may not be a term you are familiar with, but twisted hair is actually a type of frizzy hair. In this issue, we will introduce in detail the causes and characteristics of twisted hair.


Characteristics of Twisting Hair
Causes of Twisting Hair
Moisturize your hair with a professional’s touch!

Characteristics of torsion hairs

There are four main types of kinky hair: wavy hair, frizzy hair, twisted hair, and continuous hair. Generally speaking, wavy hair is the most common type of hair among Japanese people. It is a wavy hair texture. Then, what kind of hair texture is twisted hair?

Twisted hair is hair that is twisted like a rope. The twisted part is prone to breakage and breakage, which may cause hair breakage and hair dryness.

Causes of Twisted Hair

So what exactly are the causes of twisting hairs? One of the most significant causes of kinky hair is genetic influence. Because kinky hair is a dominant trait, it is often passed down from parent to child. It is said that kinky hair sometimes resolves spontaneously after puberty, but it is difficult to say for sure since it varies from person to person.

In addition to genetic influences, acquired causes can also cause the twisting hair to become more frizzy. Below are some of the causes of acquired kinky hair.

Sebum clogging of the scalp

Even if you think you are shampooing your hair thoroughly every day, you may not actually be washing your scalp thoroughly, and your scalp pores may be clogged with sebum. Distorted pores can cause hair to become frizzy, so people with twisted hair need to be especially careful when washing their scalp.

In addition, the sebum clogging the pores acts as a lid, preventing the necessary oil from being distributed to the hair, causing hair to become dry and frizzy…. Shampooing = washing the scalp” is the key to daily care. You can also use the recently popular home-care carbonic acid shampoo to cleanse your scalp and hair.

Lifestyle disorder

In order to maintain healthy hair, it is necessary to adjust one’s lifestyle by eating a well-balanced diet, getting quality sleep, and exercising moderately. Excessive dieting, lack of sleep, smoking, and lack of exercise may prevent the scalp from being well nourished, resulting in frizzy hair.

Try to maintain a regular lifestyle by taking in the protein necessary for hair from a variety of foods such as blue fish, lean meat, soy products, and eggs, and by maintaining a regular bedtime each day to regulate the functioning of the autonomic nervous system.

Moisturize your hair with professional hands.

If you are concerned about twisting hair, it is important to visit a hair salon frequently and have your hair well taken care of by professionals. Some people say that their hair looks amazingly shiny after receiving care at a salon, such as shampooing with carbonated spring water, treatments using steam, and scalp massages. While taking good care of your hair at home, you should also try to improve your frizzy hair by incorporating salon care into your routine!


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