If you know what causes frizzy hair, you know how to pick the right one! This is the recommended shampoo


No matter what shampoo you use for frizzy hair, it’s not the same…? If you can’t find your favorite shampoo, we have a recommendation for you to choose the right one.

The cause of frizzy hair is because the nutrients in the hair are escaping!

It is said that the cause of wavy hair is dryness. In areas where hair is wavy, the cuticle is disrupted and nutrients and moisture in the hair escape.

Even daily shampooing uses hot water to wash it off, so it becomes dry hair without nutrients with a bang. Therefore, we recommend using shampoos that contain hair repair ingredients.

Silicon also has a coating effect, but it accumulates on the hair and scalp and is not a fundamental solution. Use a shampoo that is non-silicone and contains amino acid-based or natural ingredients to nourish your hair properly.

Shampoo that protects while also hydrating is recommended for frizzy hair!

Moisture and nourishment alone are not enough in dryness that causes frizzy hair. If the hair cannot be locked in and covered, the moisture inside will be lost.

Nourished hair can be protected with oil ingredients from natural raw materials. In Japan, camellia oil has been used since ancient times, and oils derived from plants like this also have a barrier function.

Not only conditioners but also shampoos need ingredients with a barrier function. It is the same mechanism as skin moisturizing, so shampoos that do not lose moisture are recommended.

Now that’s what you want! Three major ingredients recommended for shampoo for frizzy hair

As mentioned above, hair needs to be nourished and hydrated before it can be coated. We will now focus on three recommended ingredients.

  1. How to replenish nutrients in the hair?
    The main component of hair is amino acids. Therefore, we recommend that shampoos used for frizzy hair contain amino acids. Shampoo is not only for washing, but also for supplying ingredients to make it supple.
  2. How to prevent moisture and nutrients from escaping due to disrupted cuticles?
    Because moisture and nutrients escape from the cuticle seams of frizzy hair, the waviness also worsens. Therefore, it is necessary to use a shampoo containing amino acids to lock in the supply. Adding a barrier function with naturally derived oil ingredients will improve conditions. Shampoos containing camellia oil or jojoba oil are recommended.
  3. Utilize active ingredients you want to add!
    Hyaluronic acid has a high moisture retention capacity, although it can also be used for the skin. Therefore, we recommend replenishing hyaluronic acid in the hair. Also, in case of heat damage, polymeric PPT protects hair. Ingredients such as zein, which supplements protein, and creatine, which adds bounce and repair, are also useful. Any one of these ingredients can be used, so when choosing a shampoo for frizzy hair, be sure to check the formula.

As we mentioned, there are recommended ingredients in shampoos that can help improve frizzy hair. Considering the cause of frizzy hair will help you clarify what you need and make it easier to deal with it.

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