I can’t go to the hair salon on my wedding day! What about arrangements?


If you are invited to a wedding, you want to attend with a gorgeous hair arrangement if possible. If you cannot go to a hair salon on the day of the wedding, which method is better, having someone teach you how to arrange your hair a few days in advance or having it set the night before? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.

This time, the question was, “I can’t go to the hair salon on the day of the wedding, but which method would be better, having someone teach me how to arrange the hair a few days before or setting it the night before?”

I am very clumsy and cannot do a good updo by myself. I really don’t have time to go to a hair salon on the day of the wedding, so what is the best way?

I can’t afford to go to a hair salon on the day of the wedding, but what is the best way to go?
Go to a hair salon one week or a few days before the wedding, and practice how to arrange your hair.
Have your hair set the night before and try not to let it fall apart until the next day.

If quality is important to you, set up the night before.

One respondent suggested that if quality is a consideration, it would be better to have the hair set the night before at a hair salon.

If you can’t do it by yourself…that’s the hard part. If you try to set it yourself and can’t do it… well, that’s just too much work.” (Hair esthetic salon Arrows, Osaka/Osaka, Japan)

“There are styles such as braided styles that don’t fall apart easily, so I think it would be better to have them set at night. But I think the styles are limited. (Kanagawa Prefecture/Sagamihara Reverie Ario Hashimoto)

“I think most of them set their hair the day before. If you set your hair at a hair salon, you will have less trouble, and I think you can expect a higher quality of hair. (Tokyo/Hachioji Air)

Have a hair salon teach you how to arrange it a few days in advance and you’ll be good to go.

Many respondents felt that it would be safe to have a hair salon teach them how to arrange the hair a few days in advance and practice at home before the day of the event.

I would go to a hair salon a few days in advance. I would go to the hair salon a few days in advance and ask the hairdresser to suggest several hair arrangements while discussing the styles I would like to try. I think it would be safest to choose a style that I think I can do and practice it several times at home before the wedding day. (Tokyo/Shibuya faith)

I would recommend the second. It depends on what you are wearing on the day, but you don’t have to put your hair up, so just blow-dry it neatly with a hair dryer or curl it with an iron is enough to call it a set! (Kanagawa/Yokohama SOU HAIR DESIGN)

Even if you are not very good at arranging hair at first, you will get better and better at it as you go along. If you are not confident, why don’t you go to a hair salon early and have your hair styled the way you like it, then learn how to arrange it to suit your hair style and try it a few times? (Kanagawa/Yokohama fleuRir)

The best way is to set up early in the morning

The best option is to have an early morning set up on the day of the wedding,” one respondent said.

The best choice would be to ask for an early morning set-up at a hair salon near by or near the venue, although it would depend on where you live. It is said that there are more hair salons than convenience stores now. I know it’s a lot of work, but please try to find one. And if you just go for a consultation about a week in advance, I think you will be able to create something close to what you want.” (Dless, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture)

What did you think? No matter which method you use, you won’t have any trouble with the hair stylist, so it might be a good idea to consult with your favorite hair salon once. Let’s attend the wedding with a nice hair arrangement!


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