Even the toughest frizzy hair can handle it! Three ways to make men’s frizzy hair manageable


It is difficult to style frizzy hair well, with wavy bangs and fullness throughout the hair. Many men also suffer from their own frizzy hair. Here are some recommendations for men with frizzy hair on how to make their hair easier to manage.

First, consult with a hair salon.

Even if one word is used to describe frizzy hair, the degree of frizziness and which parts of the hair are more frizzy vary from person to person. If you are suffering from frizzy hair, first consult with a reliable hair stylist at a hair salon and ask them to suggest a hairstyle that suits your hair type.

There are several ways to do this, such as buzzing and shortening, adjusting your hair by applying a perm such as a curly-hair style perm or pin perm, or straightening strong frizzy hair with a hair straightener. If your hairstyle suits your hair type, you can make the most of your frizzy hair.

Men with frizzy hair need to see this! Three ways to make your frizzy hair manageable

  1. Review your daily shampoo
    We recommend that men with kinky hair review their daily shampoo. By conditioning the scalp environment, it is possible to maintain healthy hair with bounce and body.

Men are said to have more sebum on their scalp than women due to the effects of male hormones. However, scrubbing with a strong degreasing shampoo is counterproductive. In an attempt to compensate for a dry scalp, sebum secretion may become more active.

If you suffer from kinky hair, it is recommended to use an amino acid shampoo for men that contains mild amino acid-based cleansing ingredients with mild detergent power to regulate the scalp environment.

  1. Promoting blood circulation with scalp gears
    One way to prevent kinky hair and thinning hair at the same time is to use scalp gears to promote blood circulation in the scalp. When blood circulation in the scalp improves, nutrients will be delivered to the hair.

Recently, scalp gears of various shapes are on the market, including those with a round shape that fits the shape of the head and those with rounded attachments like fingertips. Choose one that is easy to use and incorporate it into your daily care routine.

  1. Hair Straightening
    Many people may think that hair straightening is something that women do, but of course men can do it too. Some say that even partial hair straightening, such as only on the frizzy bangs, makes styling much easier. However, because men have shorter hair, it is said to last slightly longer than for women.

Also, since short hair is straightened with an iron, it requires more skill on the part of the hair stylist who applies the straightening. When straightening your hair, it is a good idea to consult with your hair stylist beforehand and share with him or her the image of the hairstyle you want to have by showing him or her pictures or clippings.

Lifestyle changes are also important.

In addition, it is also important to review lifestyle habits such as eating a well-balanced diet low in fat and oil, getting a good night’s sleep, and avoiding stress. Daily hair care, lifestyle changes, and hair straightening will make your frizzy hair manageable!

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