Which type of frizzy hair do you have? Types and characteristics of frizzy hair


Even if you try your best to blow-dry your hair, it is difficult to get it to look the way you want it to. Did you know that there are actually several types of frizzy hair? In this issue, we will introduce in detail the types and characteristics of frizzy hair that you should know about.

There are three main types of hair shapes

Before we get into the different types of frizzy hair, let’s start with the shape of the hair. There are three main hair types: straight hair, wavy hair, and frizzy hair. Generally speaking, straight hair is more common among yellow people, wavy hair among Caucasians, and frizzy hair among black people, but there seems to be a large difference among individuals.

In addition, the cross section of straight hair is almost circular, but as wavy and frizzy hair becomes more frizzy, it becomes less circular and more oval.

Main types and characteristics of frizzy hair
So what are the different types of frizzy hair? Let us introduce them in detail below.

Wavy hair (wavy frizzy hair)
Wavy hair is said to be the most common type of frizzy hair among Japanese people. Wavy hair is the most common type of frizzy hair in Japan, and it tends to spread out with humidity. It does not feel or run through the fingers, but if the wavy hair is too strong, it may look stiff.

  1. Frizzy, frizzy hair
    This type of hair is most common among blacks and has a strong frizz with a sole-like cross-section. The closer the hair is to frizz, the more curved the hair root seems to be.
  2. Twisted kinky hair
    Twisted kinky hair has the hair twisted like a rope. The twisted part tends to break off easily, and the hair may become dry.
  3. “Renzuhair” (frizzy hair with uneven thickness)
    The hair is beaded, becoming thicker and thinner at regular intervals. Thin sections break off easily, making it difficult to straighten the hair.

Determine the right care for your hair type.

Wavy hair is said to be common among Japanese, but the amount, thickness, and strength of the swell vary from person to person. However, even if the degree of wavy hair is different, careful daily care can bring out the natural beauty of the hair.

What you should pay attention to if you have frizzy hair is the dryness of the hair ends. Dry and dry hair ends are more susceptible to external damage such as ultraviolet rays and heat from the hair dryer, which can lead to split ends, breakage, and stiffness. Protect your hair by replenishing moisture with in-breakage and out-breakage treatments.

If you are concerned about frizzy hair, we recommend that you have your hair taken care of by a professional on a regular basis. Hair condition will improve considerably if you receive treatments at a beauty salon, such as hair washing with carbonated spring, head spas, and treatments. If you have problems with frizzy hair, it is a good idea to have your hair looked at carefully at a hair salon and ask them to tell you what care is most necessary for your hair at that time.

I’d like to change my frizzy hair into something manageable by taking care of it in a way that suits my hair type!

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