Tips for extensions that even frizzy hair can enjoy


While “I want to go short now” can be done quickly, “I want to go long now” is difficult because it takes time to grow it out. The road to long hair is long and difficult for those with short hair, as it can become a hassle while growing it out, you may change your mind, or your hair may be damaged and not grow out easily.

This is when hair extensions come in handy. With extensions, even short or bobbed hair can suddenly be transformed into long hair from today. If you want to change your style, you can just take them out, so it is very easy.

Extensions are popular because of this ease of use, but there are many people who think, “My hair is frizzy, so it won’t blend in. However, there are many people who avoid getting extensions even if they have frizzy hair. However, you can enjoy extensions even with frizzy hair.

Straight hair extensions are pre-straightened hair extensions.

You can enjoy a variety of styles with hair extensions, such as perming and coloring*, but first of all, if you want to attach straight hair extensions. It depends on the condition of your kinks and the length of your natural hair, but if you put straight extensions on hair with strong kinks, it will look unnatural, so if you straighten your natural hair beforehand, it will blend in nicely.

*Extensions vary by type, but it is true that human hair types can be permed and colored. However, since in many cases they are processed on the hair surface, they often do not wave or color as smoothly as human hair, so it is better to consult with a salon. Some salons do not do this because of the many risks involved. Fibrous hair extensions cannot be permed, colored, or hot ironed. Some types come in different colors.

However, since hair straightening is inevitably damaging to the hair because of the heat applied, it is recommended to wait about a week after straightening before applying the extensions.

For frizzy hair, loose waves are recommended.

If you want to straighten your hair, you will need to do some prep work, such as straightening your hair as described above, but other styles can be enjoyed right away. For those with frizzy hair, we recommend extensions with a loose wave. Since there is movement in the hair, it blends easily with frizzy natural hair and gives a soft, feminine finish.

It is possible to curl and style the hair attached with extensions yourself, but if the extensions themselves are originally curly, styling is easy and the extensions themselves will not be damaged.

When attaching extensions, it is important to cut the ends of your natural hair so that the extensions will blend in with your natural hair. Hair stylists are well versed in this area, so you can leave it to them. You can match the color yourself, so there is no need to worry about them floating away.

The key to making it last longer is to dry it properly.

We want to make these extensions last as long as possible. Usually they last about one month, but some people can get away with two months depending on how you take care of them.

The most important part of taking care of your extensions is to dry them properly. This is the same for hair without extensions, but wet hair is easily damaged. In particular, extensions are more susceptible to damage, whether they are artificial or human hair.

Be careful not to leave them half-dried. If your extensions become tangled, we recommend drying them once, applying oil to make them glide better, and loosening them with your fingers instead of using a brush.

These are the tips for extensions that even those with frizzy hair can enjoy. Why not try extensions for a casual makeover?

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