Do you know how to use an iron properly? How to avoid damaging your hair with a hair iron?


Beautifully curled hair with an iron is a popular hairstyle among men as well as women, but depending on how you use it, it can damage your hair. Why don’t you enjoy curly hair by knowing how to use it correctly?

Tips for choosing an iron that creates beautiful curls

An iron is indispensable for curly hair styles. Have you been using an iron that you have chosen without much thought? To curl your hair well, the way you curl it is important, but in fact, the choice of iron itself is also important. For soft, loose curls, we recommend an iron with a diameter of about 32mm, and for firm curls, we recommend an iron with a diameter of about 26mm.

If you set your hair in the morning and it falls apart by noon, the temperature may be too low. Many professional irons on the market allow you to set the temperature from low to high, so you can increase the curl retention by setting it to a higher temperature.

However, applying curls to a single spot for a long period of time can cause damage, so try to finish quickly in a short period of time.

Tips for using an iron without damaging your hair

Many people want to set their hair curly every day but are worried about damaging their hair. Although the iron used at high temperatures and hair damage are inseparable, we would like to minimize it as much as possible. Before using an iron, use a treatment product such as hair oil to protect your hair from heat damage.

If you use the iron while your hair is wet, you will hear a “sizzling” sound of moisture evaporating. It is a big mistake to think that your hair will curl tighter than usual and that you don’t need a hair dryer. If you apply high temperature to wet hair all at once, even the necessary moisture will be taken away in an instant.

Be sure to use the iron while your hair is dry.

Styling products are essential to keep hair curled with an iron through the night.

Using an iron on bare hair tends to cause curls to fall out over time. Styling products are essential to maintain beautiful curls for a long time.

First, apply curling lotion evenly as a base item to keep curls in place. Be careful not to apply too much, as it will cause your curls to fall out easily.

The most important point here is to always dry your hair with a hair dryer after applying the curling lotion before using an iron. If you use the iron while your hair is wet, it will not only be easily damaged, but it will also lose its holding power.

While your hair is hot, it is unstable to set. Once you curl your hair with the iron, do not touch it until the temperature of your hair cools down, and then wait for it to cool down.

To prevent damage caused by the iron, take good care of your hair!

Even if you create beautifully curly hair with an iron, if the hair itself is damaged, its beauty will be reduced by half. When using an iron, be conscious of hair care.

Amino acid-based shampoos have a gentle cleansing power that is safe for hair damaged by heat and friction from the iron. When shampooing, gently massage the skin with the palms of your fingers to promote blood circulation and make it easier for nutrients to reach your hair.

If you feel your hair is dry, concentrate on treatment until the condition of your hair settles down and the progress of damage is minimized.

Many people feel better about the whole day when they can set their hair the way they want. Why not try using an iron skillfully and enjoy a variety of hair arrangements?



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