Now you won’t damage your hair! Tips for using styling products for hair irons


A hair iron is an excellent tool for styling straight or curly hair by yourself. However, if you are concerned about damage to your hair, use a styling product to minimize damage.

If ironing, use of styling products is recommended.

Since hair is made of protein, it has heat-sensitive properties. Therefore, if you apply an iron to your hair without a styling product, your hair will be easily damaged. If you iron, use a styling product that is appropriate for your hair and your purpose.

There are three purposes for using styling products when ironing.

To protect your hair from the high heat of the iron.
To improve the setting and holding power of the styling
To make hair look softer.

If your hair is severely damaged, the priority is to protect your hair. If your hair is not so damaged, your priority should be to set & hold and look soft.

What are the effects of using different types of styling products?

  1. Oil type
    Excellent in protecting hair from heat. It is suitable for people who want to reduce damage caused by heat from irons. Since it has little ability to repair damaged hair, it should be used in combination with a styling product that has excellent hair repairing power.
  2. Gel type
    This type has good holding power, but it is especially good at coating the hair, so it wraps the moisturizing ingredients that have penetrated the hair well. It is suitable for people with considerably damaged hair.
  3. treatment type (not rinsed out)
    Since it is not rinsed out, it has superior power to both repair hair and protect it from heat. If applied after washing hair the night before, it will penetrate and repair hair while sleeping. It is convenient to use the iron as it is the next morning.
  4. milk type
    This type has high penetration into hair and has excellent moisturizing and holding power, so it is suitable for those who want to make their hair sets last longer. It also contains hair repair ingredients, so it is perfect for those who want to care for hair damaged by irons.

What are some tips for using styling products when ironing?

Oil-type, gel-type, and treatment-type styling products are effective for the purpose of protecting hair from heat before ironing. Milk-type styling products are effective for post-ironing repair care.

The tips for using styling products are as follows: – Use styling products from both outside and inside.

Apply from both the outside and the inside.
Apply by hand and work it into the hair.
Apply styling products to hair and let it dry naturally or use a hair dryer before using an iron.

Apply from the inside as well as the outside, as you want the product to be evenly distributed throughout the hair. Some people recommend using a comb, but hair wet with styling products easily has cuticles that peel off. It is recommended to apply it gently with a hand comb and iron it after drying the hair.

Basic knowledge and recommended use of irons

Many people have the image that irons damage hair. However, irons with ceramic plates and irons with tourmaline plates, for example, are now available that emit negative ions to give hair moisture and shine.

However, it is recommended to apply a styling product to the iron, which uses high heat to straighten the hair, just as you would apply a hair dryer. This will prevent more damage to your hair.

In addition, irons are generally used on dry hair. If you use it on hair that is wet with water or styling products, not only the water on the outside of the hair but also the water that has penetrated into the hair will evaporate together, causing damage to the hair.

Use irons and styling products correctly and enjoy arranging your hair at home.


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