Ask the hairdresser! Is it true that shaving my hair will fix my frizzy hair?


Many people have heard that shaving their hair changes its texture and fixes frizzy hair. Is this story true? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.


This time we asked the question, “Is it true that shaving your head will change the texture of your hair?”
Shaving the head does not cure frizzy hair.
You are under the illusion that hair texture changes due to the growth period.
Let’s make your frizzy hair settle with a scalp massage.

This time I asked the question, “Is it true that shaving your head changes the quality of your hair?”

A friend of mine who has naturally permed hair is wondering if he should shave his head because he really believes the story that shaving his head will change his hair texture. I want to talk to him, but I don’t know how to talk to him because I don’t know if the story is true or a hoax. Please tell me if this story is true or false!

Shaving the head doesn’t cure frizzy hair.

The answer was raised that shaving and shortening hair does not cure frizzy hair because the cause of frizzy hair is in the roots of the hair.

The cause of frizzy hair is not the hair, but the roots of the hair, which are located lower down in the hair shaft and grow in a wavy pattern, so shaving your hair short won’t cure frizzy hair.” (Gifu/Ogaki, Mods Hair Ogaki)

Hair grows from the scalp, so shortening it will not affect the quality of your hair! (Tokyo/Machida, avanti)

Perceived change in hair quality due to growth phase

Many respondents said that they might perceive the change in hair quality due to growth as a change in hair quality due to shaving.

The respondents said, “I think men often shave their heads when they are young, when their bodies are still developing. Therefore, the hormonal balance of the body often changes, and the effect is a change from straight hair to frizzy hair, or from frizzy hair to straight hair, which I think gives the illusion that the hair quality has changed after shaving. (Saitama/Kawagoe Hair Studio Cantera)

“In this case, I think that during the period when the hair was shaved, the quality of the hair also changed along with the growth of the body. I think this is a case where the shaved head gives the illusion that the hair quality has changed. (Tokyo/Setagaya gally)

“I don’t think shaving my head will cure my frizzy hair. Many people seem to think that their frizzy hair is cured after shaving their heads, but it is just a timing issue that makes it easy to create that illusion. Hair quality changes during the growth phase as the hormonal balance changes. However, those with long hair have a large amount of hair growing in the middle part of their hair before it changes, making it difficult to notice changes at the roots. I think this rumor may come about because of how the roots are affected after a drastic haircut.” (Tokyo/Machida, Imagine Amity)

Scalp massage to help settle frizzy hair.

One respondent mentioned that scalp massage is a good way to get frizzy hair to settle.

One respondent said, “The recommended care is to massage the scalp every night after bathing with a hair-growth treatment. It won’t go so far as to cure frizzy hair, but it will help it settle. Also, shampoo should be scalp-based or moisturizing shampoo. Massaging the scalp stimulates the hair follicles and makes it easier to manage! (Gifu/Ogaki, Mods Hair Ogaki)

What did you think? Since frizzy hair is caused by the roots of the hair, shaving the head does not seem to cure frizzy hair. If you are concerned about your frizzy hair, you may want to consult with your hair stylist and try to get a haircut that makes the most of your frizzy hair or take care of your scalp!


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