Which can be styled better with wax, wet or dry hair?

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Wax is an essential part of men’s styling. Which is better for styling, wet or dry hair? We asked hairdressers from all over Japan to answer this question.


This time’s question: “Should I apply wax to wet or dry hair?
Wax can be applied to wet hair to reduce volume and to dry hair to improve texture.
Use wax on wet hair when you have a permanent style.
If you want to create movement at the ends of your hair, use wax on dry hair.

This time the question was, “Should I put wax on wet or dry hair?”

When I put wax on my hair in the morning, should I put it on wet (slightly damp) or dry hair? I think my hairdresser told me to put it on wet hair, but even if I do, I can’t style it right!

Wax can be applied to wet hair to reduce volume and to dry hair to improve texture.

Many respondents said that wax should be used according to the style they want to achieve.

They said, “It depends on the type of wax and the finished image, but in general, I recommend applying it to slightly wet hair if you don’t want to add volume, and to dry hair if you want to create a light look. However, if your hair is too wet, the wax will thin out and lose its setting power, so I think it is best to apply it when your hair is about 70-80% dry.” (Saitama/Sengendai amuser ravie)

“Wet wax is effective when you want to spread it over a large area, and dry wax is effective when you want to accentuate it strongly at points. (uno hair & body therapy, Futakotamagawa, Tokyo)

“Applying wax when the hair is wet makes it easier to distribute the wax throughout the hair and improves the holding power. I often apply it after drying my hair to add texture and play with the ends. (TIARA dea, Minami-Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture)

“Applying wax when the hair is wet reduces the volume. If you apply it after the hair is dry, you can clearly see how the style will look, and you can give it an airy feel. (Tokyo/Harajuku, Hair Make-up Seaja)

Use wax on wet hair in a permanent style.

The answer was that the best time to use wax on wet hair is when it is in a permanent style.

The hairdresser probably meant to say “wet hair” to convey this, because sometimes wax is applied to the ends of the hair when they are slightly damp to make the most of the curls and perms.” (Hyogo/Sannomiya Tetote)

“When styling with gel or permed styles, I think it works best to apply styling products half-dried. (Tokyo/Ikebukuro LILIANA)

“If you want a more wavy look with a permed style, use a soft wax while the hair is still a little damp. (Tokyo/Ebisu hair OrB ebisu)

To create movement at the ends of the hair, apply wax to dry hair.

Many respondents said that wax on dry hair is easier to set.

There are many waxes available, but if you want to use wax on dry hair, I suggest you choose a wax based on its texture. Try using the following order: wet hair, apply a little wax, rub roots dry, finish with wax of your favorite texture. I think it’s best to start at the collar and work your way up.” (TIARA dea, Minami-Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture)

“I think it’s better to wet your hair to some extent and apply the wax after you blow-dry your hair. It depends on the style, but if it is a short style that creates a lot of movement, it is easier to set when the hair is dry. However, if your hair has a tendency to fall in bed, it is better to wet and dry your hair thoroughly from the roots up and then apply wax. (Mikage Schlussel, Hyogo Prefecture)

The trick to applying wax is to spread it thoroughly with the palms of your hands before applying it to the entire hair. Use your thumb and index finger while adding wax to small areas. Try not to get any on the skin. It will clog pores and cause hair loss and thinning.

How was it? It seems that wax should be applied to wet hair if you want a permanent look, and to dry hair if you want movement. The way to use wax depends on the style you want to achieve, so if you have any questions, please consult your hair stylist!


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