Solutions for men with coarse hair! Recommended hairstyles by type


Men often have problems with frizzy hair, but you can solve this problem by knowing the right style for you. Find the right style for you by making the most of your frizzy hair with our recommended hairstyles for each type.

Recommended for men with frizzy hair around the bee area! Foreigner style short hair for adults

Cool, carefree style with frizzy hair flow! Foreigner style short adult short hair. Recommended for those who are concerned about frizzy hair around the bee. This is a calm and mature two-block style.

Recently, the two-block style has become a hot trend again, but if you want to be different from the others, soft nuanced hair that is not too curly is in season. This style is recommended for men who want to stand out from the crowd even with short hair. By letting the hair fall outward around the edge of the head, you can create a loose look as if you had just woken up from sleep.

You can also wear it in a wild street style, or in a tight mode style with a rough look, and it looks cool when you dare to wear it down! This is a cool hair style for adults that can be worn on any occasion.

Recommended for men with curly hair on the top! Nuanced bang short hair “like Hiroki Narimiya

Nuanced bang short hair in the style of Hiroki Narimiya. It ranks high in popularity among men’s hair! Recommended for men with frizzy hair on top! The tousled style is a fashionable and cool short hair with a rough, raked style.

This fresh and clean short style has an established reputation and is very popular with the ladies! Refreshing hair creates a cool look for a wide range of on/off situations, from students’ campus life to job hunting, not to mention business styles such as suits. Nuanced hair with movement looks great with colored hair as well as black hair.

Recommended for men who have trouble with volume at the top! Refreshing Adult Two-Block Short Haircut

Refreshing adult soft two block short hair. Not too wild feeling ○ Recommended for men who are concerned about volume at the top. The casual soft tousled look is mature and highly desirable.

After towel-drying, style with shiny gel in a scrunching motion. You can also enjoy different styles depending on how you style your hair. A short style that brings out the full color of a man. Men who can switch on and off are cool.

Recommended for men who are worried about swell! Saito Takumi Style” Natural Move Hair

Soft, natural-looking hair in the style of Takumi Saito. Recommended for men who are concerned about the swell of their curly hair! A medium cut that leaves the overall length a little long, allowing for nuances in the movement of the hair ends, creating a natural style that makes the most of curly hair.

Natural ash color is used for the coloring. By suppressing reddish tones, a glossy look can be added. Of course, this style also looks great with black hair, so please give it a try. The fluffy nuance gives you a fresh manly look. The clean look makes this haircut a good choice for the business style of a successful man.

This is a common problem for men with frizzy hair, but it can be solved by knowing the right style for you. You can enjoy a variety of styling styles depending on how you choose and use the wax.

By using the characteristics of curly hair in the opposite direction, you can achieve a cool and stylish man in both your private and business life.


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