Softening of hair is scary if left untreated! What are 3 items to improve softening of hair?


Softening of the hair, in which the hair becomes softer and each strand thinner. This is a scary process that, if left untreated, can lead to thinning and hair loss. It does not necessarily progress with aging, but it can also appear in young people. In this issue, we will explain the causes of soft hair and introduce three items that can help improve the condition.


If left unchecked, it can cause thinning hair! Scare of softening of hair
Lifestyle is the cause of soft hair
Hair softening is caused by a shortening of the hair growth cycle
3 items to improve soft hair

If left untreated, it can cause thinning hair! Fear of softening hair

Softening of the hair is said to be an early symptom of male pattern baldness. It is caused by the softening of the hair texture and loss of thickness. As hair becomes thinner, a greater proportion of the scalp is visible, giving the appearance of thinner hair. Some people may think, “If it is thin, it will grow back.

However, if the softening of hair is left untreated, eventually not even fine hair will grow. The longer you delay in dealing with soft hair, the more difficult it will be to combat thinning hair. Learn about the causes and remedies, and work to correct the problem while it is still in its early stages.

Softening of hair is caused by lifestyle

It is believed that male hormones and lifestyle are involved in hair softening. In today’s society, the percentage of young people with soft hair and male pattern baldness is increasing, and it is thought that their normal lifestyle may be putting a strain on their scalp. For example, an unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, and lack of exercise.

And then there is chronic eye strain and stress from excessive work due to the Internet. When these factors are combined, the scalp produces dihydrotestosterone, a hormone associated with hair loss. If you have any of these conditions in mind, try to improve your lifestyle.

Softening of hair caused by shortening of the hair growth cycle

In addition, what is important is the hair growth cycle. Hair grows thick and strong by repeating the cycle of growth phase, regression phase, and resting phase. Normally, the growth phase is said to last 2 to 6 years, and approximately 90% of hair is in this growth phase.

However, in the case of soft hair, this growth phase is often less than one year, and the hair grows in a thin state that is not fully grown. The hair cycle is disrupted by dihydrotestosterone, a hormone produced in the scalp.

It acts on the part of the body that produces hair, suppressing the growth of the original hair cells or preventing the cells from forming.

Three items to improve softening of hair

There are three must-have items to improve softening of the hair: shampoo to improve the scalp environment, hair growth products to lengthen the hair growth period, and therapeutic drugs for male pattern baldness. First, as for shampoos, avoid synthetic surfactants with strong cleansing power. Use amino acid-based shampoos.

Next, a hair growth agent that improves blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair cell division is recommended. Over-the-counter medications are also available. Finally, if softening of the hair has progressed, a visit to a hospital is recommended, especially if the hospital specializes in AGA (male pattern baldness).

The hair softening will not improve if left untreated, but rather will progress. It is better to take measures at an early stage to improve the condition.


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