Short cut because of my curly hair! Introducing trendy hair that makes the most of your individuality!


Why don’t you try a short cut to make the most of your complex curly hair? By cutting your hair short, you will be able to use your curly hair as a charm point instead of the problem you had when you had long or medium hair.

Shortening the hair makes the frizz less noticeable.

Once you have decided to style your hair to make the most of your frizzy hair, don’t hesitate. If the hair is halfway long, the frizz will remain and the ends will spread out, which is counterproductive. By going short, the length of the hair itself will be shortened, so the hair will not be long enough to just wisp and wavy.

If a person with straight hair were to go this short, the hair would lose volume and become flat, but because of the frizz, a fluffy look with just the right amount of volume is firmly in place. This is a short cut that can only be achieved by people with frizzy hair.

Not a halfway cut, but a drastic short cut.

For those who have maintained relatively long hairstyles in the past, it takes a lot of courage to cut their hair and go for a short cut.

However, when we gathered feedback from those who have taken the plunge and cut their hair short, we found that some people said, “What was all that trouble I went through to hide my frizzy hair?” They say, “I am glad I did it!” “My hair is no longer damaged because I am free from straightening and hair irons,” “I don’t have to worry about my hair style being messed up anymore,” and so on. Many of them say, “I’m so glad I did it!

If you have frizzy hair and are struggling with daily hairstyles, take the plunge and go for a belly-short hairstyle.

Find a hairdresser who is confident in cutting frizzy hair.

There is one important thing when people with frizzy hair get a short cut. That is the skill of the hair stylist. Unlike long hair, which can be arranged with perms and styling, a short cut is a direct result of how well it is cut.

It requires a high level of skill to grasp the strength of the kinks and the direction of hair growth in different areas, and to make subtle changes to the cut for each section.

When a person with frizzy hair wants to have a short cut, he/she should not ask for a short cut from the first hairdresser, but ask the hairdresser to cut his/her hair several times to get an understanding of the hair quality. If you have curly hair, you should not ask your first hairdresser for a short cut out of the blue.

Depending on the length of your hair, you can choose from soft feminine styles to sharp, crisp styles.

A short cut that makes the most of wavy hair can have a variety of looks depending on the condition of the waviness and the hair color. Even with a short cut of the same length, dark hair can give a crisp, mature impression, while light brown hair can give a girly impression.

Also, the frizziness of short hair is different between a very baby short cut and a short cut with some length but still showing the ears, so a long short cut will give a soft and fluffy impression. Let’s try different short cuts that make the most of our frizzy hair and have fun with it.

Short cut hair makes you feel lighter and gives you a brighter impression. Let’s get a stylish hairstyle with a short cut that is unique to curly hair.

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