Shaggy, unruly hair in the rainy season…now is the time to review the basics of hair care


The spreading of hair caused by humidity and perspiration during the rainy season is due to hair damage. Therefore, let’s review the basics of hair care and take measures to prevent hair damage before the rainy season begins.

Hair damage is the cause of hair spreading due to humidity

Hair damage is the cause of hair spreading in humidity.

Healthy hair with a well-defined cuticle retains moisture content. However, when the cuticle is peeling off, moisture enters through the peeling areas and is stored in the internal cortex layer. Only the areas where moisture is stored expand, causing the hair to swell and spread.

In addition, hair has a two-layered structure consisting of soft protein fibers that easily contain moisture and hard protein fibers that do not easily contain moisture, and if these two types of protein fibers are unevenly distributed, the hair becomes frizzy. In other words, when hair is frizzy, it spreads out due to partial moisture swell when there is a lot of humidity.

How to reduce damage by reviewing shampoo

To reduce hair damage, start by reviewing your shampoo. The first thing you must follow is to shampoo at night. It is important not to leave your hair dirty during the night, when hair metabolism is more active.

Also, if your hair is damaged, using a strong detergent shampoo will make the damage worse. Therefore, if hair damage is severe, one option is to choose a shampoo that is gentle to hair, such as an amino acid-based or betaine-based shampoo.

And to reduce damage, the way you wash your hair is also important. When shampooing, do not apply shampoo directly to the hair, but rather lather the shampoo thoroughly with your hands before applying it.

Repair damage with treatment.

To repair hair damage, a treatment that allows nutrients to penetrate inside the hair is effective. The active ingredients will vary depending on the degree of hair damage and hair texture, so the treatment should be selected accordingly.

When using a treatment, it is important to thoroughly cleanse the hair before use. Also, after the nutrients have been absorbed by the treatment, use a conditioner to protect the surface of the hair.

And to further enhance the effectiveness of the treatment, it is recommended to use a rinse-off treatment (out-bath treatment) in combination with the treatment before drying with a hair dryer.

Dry your hair with a hair dryer immediately after washing.

To prevent excess moisture from getting inside the hair, dry the hair as soon as possible after washing. The key is to towel dry your hair thoroughly before using a hair dryer. Keep the hair dryer at least 15-20 cm away from the roots.

Switching to cold air after drying your hair to a certain extent will prevent further damage.

To solve hair problems during the rainy season, such as hair spreading and unruly hair, it is important to take hair care measures from the early stages of the season. To do so, be aware of both repairing hair damage and protecting hair from damage.

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