Tuning” is the answer to frizzy hair in the rainy season! No need for stompers or straightening!


It is depressing that frizzy hair tends to spread during the rainy season. Straightening your hair will solve the problem, but we are also concerned about hair damage. So this time we will tell you about “hair tuning” to create straight hair without damaging your hair.

Why does frizzy hair spread in the rainy season?

High humidity is responsible for hair spreading during the rainy season. The hair absorbs the moisture from the outside air and swells, making the hair as a whole more prone to spreading.

In particular, people with frizzy hair tend to have their hair swell more easily in humidity, making it more difficult to style than people with straight hair.

In order for people with frizzy hair to style their hair the way they want during the rainy season, they had to blow dry their hair diligently with a hair dryer every morning or go to a hair salon to straighten their hair.

From now on, hair tuning will be straightened.

Straight perms can make frizzy hair straight and even. However, the problem with straight perms is that they have many disadvantages, such as “damaging the hair,” “being forced too straight and unnatural,” and “causing steps as the frizzy hair grows out from the roots after a period of time.

Therefore, a new trend that has emerged in the beauty industry is hair tuning, which eliminates the disadvantages of straight perms. This revolutionary method differs from perms and treatments in that it improves the texture of frizzy hair by simply applying a special chemical to the hair and then rinsing it off.

Hair tuning has these great benefits

Hair tuning has advantages not found in other methods of combating frizzy hair. First, it does not use hair-damaging ingredients such as perm solutions, so there is no risk of hair damage. It also improves the quality of hair by conditioning the cuticle and softening the hair, making it easier to style.

And while the waviness and volume of the hair is controlled, it does not straighten the hair as much as straightening, so you can enjoy very naturally straight hair. The time required for the treatment is short, only about 20 to 30 minutes, making it easier than perms.

To receive a hair tuning

Hair tuning is available at hair salons nationwide that offer this procedure. Check for hair salons that offer hair tuning by searching for information on their websites or by contacting a hair salon near you.

Hair tuning is recommended once every three months. It is possible to have it done at the same time as coloring, so if you are concerned about frizzy hair, it is a good idea to add it to cutting and coloring throughout the year.

If your hair is styled perfectly, you will feel better in the morning, even on annoying rainy days. If you don’t like straight perms, why not try the new savior for frizzy hair: hair tuning.

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